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Maximus Movies - Men Of The Caribbean
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Forbidden men and renonwed fil director Paulo Desanto return to the uncharted islands and locales of the Caribbean to bring you men of the Caribbean. Be witness to some of the world's sexiest men fulfill their every fantasy and desire in the most erotic places in the world.

1. Poax Lenehan Ab, Kaique Brito At

2. Lucas Leal OrAt, Alber Charles OgAb
On a white sandy beach, by some large rocks, Alber Charles (blue trunks, scorpion tattoo on left chest, dragon on right upper arm) sucks Lucas Leal (shorter, shaved head, big tattoo on right side, white bermudas); Lucas tops Alber.

3. Ricardo (Zambrini) At, Tiago De Castro Ab

4. Felix Stulbach OgrAbtRg, Dennys (Cult) OrAt
On a boat deck, Felix Stulbach (palest, tan lines, necklace with teeth),  Dennys (Cult) (darker, somewhat hairy torso, white briefs), and an unidentified model (either Adan or Lucas: darkest, smallest, neck chain, red briefs): the unidentified model sucks Felix as Felix sucks Dennys; Felix rims the unidentified model as Dennys tops Felix; Felix tops the unidentified while Dennys is sucked.

5. Rick Montila Ab, Felix Stulback At

6. Rick (Masone) OrAt, Poax (Lenehan) OgAb
On a brown beach by the sea, on a blue towel, Poax Lenehan (short curly hair, white trunks) sucks Rick Masone (almost shaved head, thick metal necklace, big face tattoo on right side, bigger tattoo on upper left arm, yellowish trunks); Rick tops Poax.

action notes:  O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Length: 2:51:50
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