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[GayFruit] Axel - The Vibrating Lad
Mat is being really mischievous and is teasing Axel with little tickles, Axel is a sweet little guy with a darling of a smile and he says he is very ticklish. Mat pounces and is on top of him and is tickling his sides and pits in a flash. Axel has a beautiful laugh, breathless and deep that is music to the ears. Mat's hands go from sides and pits to a belly tickle and there is a totally unexpected reaction, Axels legs tremble violently, like turning on a vibrator, and the shock of this sends Mat into his own fits of laughter, lovely to see a tickler laughing so much at the results of his work. Mat tickles him more and the vibrating lad is totally helpless in fits of giggles. Just before the T-shirt comes off Axel gets is neck tickled and it's all he can do to control himself, Mat makes a mental note of this for later. Once the T-shirt is off and Mat is tickling in full flow the sight of Axel's lovely toned body twitching and struggling is great. But it is too much and the lad is vibrating wildly again, I love this reaction - I have never seen it before and it is beautiful. Mat's attention turn to feet and if you think they are delightful in white socks then you will be blown away when they come off, small soft perfectly formed feet and almost edible toes. Sensual is the only word to describe the feet tickle, and the only way to enjoy such lovely feet. Axel is thrashing around wildly and laughing like a madman, oh that laugh is just wonderful. Mat is now laying on top of Axel, pinning the lad down, and he starts to nibble the back of his neck and tickle his pits at the same time, the lads legs are kicking furiously and he is wailing in laughter. Axel manages to struggle enough to escape and curls up into a ball. but Mat is not stopping at all and soon manages to lay the guy out and keep him still. He starts to nibble and bite Axels neck, I told you he made a note of this special tickle spot, and it really drives Axel wild. By now both lads are really exhausted and it is only fair that Mat lays down next to Axel and kisses him gently as his hands stroke the tender ticklish sides. Two cracking lads and a super ticklish guy with a magnificent reaction, a super clip all round.
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