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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Martin, Tomas, Romi, Mirek and Martin RAW - DUTY BOUND
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Starring: Martin Gajda, Martin Polnak, Mirek Madl, Romi Zuska & Tomas Fuk

In this Dream Set Duty Bound we find Mirek Madl working behind the bar with Alan Carly. Martin Polnak and Romi Zuska are enjoying a drink in the bar, and are joined by Martin Gajda and Tomas Fuk. They get to discussing Mirek who, it appears, is the new barman. The guys ask Alan to send Mirek down to the basement to get something, and they then leave to go downstairs themselves. Mirek duly goes downstairs looking around as he goes and he is quickly set about by the four guys who are hiding in wait. Then we see that the guys had gagged Mirek and shackled his wrists above his head. They all join in with running their hands all over his bare chest as he writhes and moans. Quickly they have him naked, with is cock rock hard and poking out in front of him. Everyone continues to feel all over Mirek, spanking him from time to time. They turn his around and Romi spanks his ass. All the hands keep grabbing at him, pulling his cheeks apart to check his hole. Romi wants to suck Mirek's stiff dick so the others hold him still. Romi's mouth gets to work on the hard cock as he pulls on the balls too. Then Martin P takes a quick turn on the cock before Tomas close his mouth over it and sucks it hard. Mirek's moaning is unrelenting as they keep sucking, with Martin G going down on his too. Everyone else seems hard in their underwear as they enjoy the horny barman. Tomas takes a turn at sucking before giving way to Martin P and then Martin G. Then it is Romi's turn again. They are all enjoying just how hard Mirek is and how much he moans. Martin G's dick is so hard in his underwear that it is tenting in front of him. He grabs it and wanks before leaving to get some toys to play with. He comes back with a couple of whips which he and Romi use on Mirek's sexy ass as Martin P holds him still. As they whip Mirek's chest Tomas sucks his dick some more. Then they put the whips away and Romi and Martin P go back down on that throbbing cock. Then they move Mirek, laying him face down on the wooden frame, shackled at wrists and ankles. All the other guys are naked and rock hard and Martin G is first to shove his cock deep into Mirek's tight hole. He moans as the dick slides deep inside and starts to fuck. Mirek's ass is spanked as his hole takes the rampant cock right up to the balls. Romi watches closely and soon gets his turn as Martin G pulls out. Romi's cock quickly slams into Mirek's loosened hole and fucks him deep. Mirek's moaning continues unabated as Romi works his hole. Tomas wanks himself asdn Martin P's cock replaces Romi's in the hot hole. Martin P fucks hard and fast, enjoying the feeling so deep in that ass. Then Tomas takes his palce stretching the hole wide as his cock works in and out. They all keep taking turns, turning Mirek onto his back as they gang bang his sexy ass. Mirek grabs his cock and wanks as Romii pounds his hole deep and hard. He keeps wanking hard as Tomas then slams his hole. Martin P covers Mirek's mouth to stop some of the loud moaning before replacing Tomas and shoving his dick deep into that ass. But not for long as Tomas wants some more of that hot hole and bangs it as hard as he can. As he fucks that ass hard it gets Mirek right over the edge and his cock explodes with his creamy cum. Tomas keeps pounding the ass and then pulls out to dump his hot cum over Mirek's balls and thigh. Martin P gets between the legs and wanks his cock to shoot his cum on top of Tomas'. Then Martin G does the same his throbbing cock shooting the cum over Mirek's thigh. Romi is wanking hard too and wating his turn. He waits until Martin G as drained every drop from his cock and then goes between Mirek's legs and moans loudly as he releases his hot cream onto the hairy leg too. All four have used the new barman in ways he hadn't expected when he came to work, but which he thoroughly enjoyed as witnessed by his big cumshot, then they leave him down there as they go back upstairs to finish their drinks.

Released: 21 october, 2016

Original upload 21/10/2016

Day 3: Martin Polnak
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