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Knight After Night (2006) Raging Stallion - Centurion DVD
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director  J.D. Slater

Bo Knight
Erik Hunter
François Sagat
Remy Delaine
Tony Serrano

CENTURION PICTURES XXX and RAGING STALLION STUDIOS present JD SLATER'S latest journey to the heart of men, muscle, and masculinity: "KNIGHT AFTER NIGHT". Starring (in his farewell performance) ripped muscle god BO KNIGHT and the CENTURION MUSCLE studs: the 'Wall of Steel' ERIK HUNTER (recipient of the first CM "Bigger Than Life" award), REMY DELAINE (2006 RAGING STALLION "Man of the Year"), 2006 GAYVN "Newcomers of the year" nominees HUESSEIN and FRANÇIOS SAGAT, and very special guest TONY SERRANO. With this adventure SLATER and company take us out of the dungeon and into the dreams, fantasies, and homes of RSS's top models. KNIGHT acts as the thread that weaves this tapestry of lust together as he scours magazines for pics of his favorite men. And what men they are. Monuments to muscles and big dicks, these guys tear up the screen in some of the most hot and passionate footage that JD, along with videographers DAVID HEMPLING and BEN LEON, has put out to date. These guys show they are as UBERSEXED at home as they are on the set and they are truthfully the testosteroned sex demons you were hoping they would be.

1. Bo Knight, Huessein

2. Erik Hunter, Remy Delaine

3. Tony Serrano, François Sagat

4. Bo Knight, Tony Serrano
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