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BeefCake Hunter - No secret blow job for Jorge
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No secret blow job for Jorge. This time, thanks to an indiscrete friend! Yeah, this sexy Latino Beefcake got his previous adventure at BeefCakeHunter Land discovered by his wife, but it is all good now, he even got her blessing this time! Good for him and for us, right?

It has been almost two years since we got Jorge and his sexy body in a couch to be serviced, and I know we all were waiting for his return for a fuck scene. I even though I did my best, it never happened, and still no happening, but, hey! We can’t turn down the opportunity to enjoy him again, at least I won’t! LOL

Beefcake Jorge is now working as a Life Guard, of course with that body! He looks even hotter this time and I love his new haircut. Things have been slow at work, you know, it is colder now and not many people gare going to the pools, not even in Florida. So, after been discovered, I guess it was easy for him to think about BCH as an alternative to make some extra bucks, and here I am giving a No secret blow job for Jorge.

Since he seems to be more relaxed, after the interesting chat that we had, I made him strip down for us, to get ready for me on my knees, to start taking care of his balls and nice dick. During this part you can get a nice glance of Jorge’s behind, he even did some face-fucking, but honestly in that position I couldn’t get him completely hard. Well, these things happen sometimes even at BeefCakeHunter Land LOL.

For his comfort and for a better view, he switches to lay down on the bed where I could get more out of his juicy uncut cock and of course his balls. All that combined with his bushy pubes and hairy legs made a nice feast for my hungry mouth, hmm!

He got verbal by the minute and his eyes started rolling, so I knew I was doing something good and kept that rather fast pace of sucking, every time he moaned and whispered me to continue or to not stop it was music to my ears!

Then, when he was close to his orgasm, I could tell by his body movements and of course of his moaning. I knew he got a big load, and for a moment I thought to swallow it all and be a selfish bitch LOL, but no, I couldn’t leave you guys just wondering how much cum he had. So, I spit it out on his belly, his reaction was priceless!

After that we joked about me rimming his hole, and he was kind enough to show it to us, but he didn’t let me tongue it LOL, maybe next time. I hope next time he is also ready to pound my hole, I hope you guys enjoy this video No secret blow job for Jorge!
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