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[GayFruit] Axel Breathless
Tristan pounces on Axel and pins him down by sitting on him and is straight into the guys pits and sides. But Axel is not a passive ticklee one little bit and this is a rolling and wrestling tickle that keeps Tristan working very hard indeed to stay in control. He delivers a super tickle to his frantically fighting ticklee and has to be commended on his efforts, not easy when a guy fights back this much, now we see why restraints are so important to us ticklers. Kicking and wailing in laughter Axel uses everything he can to try and keep the tickler at bay, he even slaps his ass a few times when the toe tickle is so deep his screams of laughter leave him breathless. I think riotous is the best word for this clip as it is action from start to finish and both guys really do work hard, obviously with different intent a forethought. I love Axel's laugh and he is doing it all the time, even when he giggles it says that he has not managed to escape from the wicked tickling fingers of Tristan. A really great clip that left me as breathless as the guys.
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