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Boys Halfway House - Incident #183 - Jizz Gulping Cum Whore - Leo Edwards
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Some guys, no matter how hard they kick, no matter how high they get, they can’t go all the way around. This unfortunate pole greaser is always getting into trouble, and needed some extra special attention. When a fellow Manager found out about his latest transgression, we kicked our methods into overdrive with this guy. At some point, after all, getting fucked some more just doesn’t cut it – but a good skull fucking, in addition to an ass pounding, usually does the trick.

Our tall blond boy definitely gets what is coming to him, too. With the Manager’s thick cock shoved down his throat, the tears start rolling out of his eyes, but that’s just the beginning. I grabbed his hair while he was getting face fucked, until he looked thoroughly unhappy, and then we knew that he was getting the message. While this was going on, I dabbed some lube on his hole and told him to finger himself to get ready for the next phase. He’s good at BJs, and his gag reflex isn’t so bad, and thus the cock sucking lasted a while, but before long we were ready to take it to the next level. Since he had already loosened himself up, it wasn’t difficult to shove that thick dick right in that pink hole, either. I couldn’t help but think he would love this scenario in any other situation, but e was grimacing a bit. He did take it, however. After the fucking, we went back to the skull fucking for good measure, though. With his head off the bed, he was in the perfect position to dig down deep into his throat with a cock pounding. Afterwards, he sucked the Manager off until he got a huge nut right into his mouth. The nice thing about this method is that we sometimes reveal to people what they truly are, and in this loser’s case, we proved to him that unless he shapes up, he’s just a jizz gulping cum whore.
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