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His Video - New York City Pro - Leo Ford
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The Big Apple has got Leo down. He's looking for men who share his hunger for hot sex. He finds them in the form of the paperboy, some weightlifting studs, and numerous hung strangers. When all is said and done, New York City isn't such a lonely place after all - for Leo.

Scene 1 - Leo Ford, Tony Peters
As Leo passes newspaper stand vendor Tony Peters, their eyes meet and they fantasize about one another. Leo imagines the darkly handsome Italian man in a lockerroom, stripping from his football uniform and the two proceed to jack off. Tony ends up shooting on his jockstrap, and Leo licks it off.

Scene 2 - Tony Peters, Leo Ford
Tony then fantasizes a penthouse, champagne fuck with Leo. With Leo spread-eagle on the bed and his incredible ass cheeks in the air, the stud climbs on and drives his rock-hard dick to climax. Their encounter ends in a steamy bathroom where Leo shoots his load into Tony's mouth.

Scene 3 - Buck Ryan, Brian Miles, Andy Fuller
Passing the Broadway Baths in another part of town, we see muscled, tattooed hunk Buck Ryan using the bench press in the bath's gym. But when Brian Miles comes in wearing nothing more than a pair of sweatsox, straddles the bench press and sticks his dick down the tattooed stud's throat, working out with weights is past. After a while sexy jock Andy Fuller joins them. Using baby oil and the triple-image mirrors around them, the three leave no orifice untouched!

Scene 4 - Andy Fuller, Joe Dominico, Leo Ford
Watching Andy Fuller dancing on stage at The Follies Theater. Leo decides to audition for the strip show and couples with dancer Joe Dominico who passes a note to Leo inviting him to meet in O'Neill's Backyard, a bar opposite the Follies. Andy goes off backstage to jerk off the load he's built up dancing out front.
Note: When Leo walks towards The Follies, above the entrance the "world premiere" announcement for one of his earlier movies, "The Summer Of Scott Noll'' is visible.

Scene 5 - Leo Ford, Joe Dominico
At O'Neill's, Leo takes on the top role as he unleashes his California cock into the muscular asscheeks of dark-haired dancer Joe who wears nothing but his motorcycle jacket. The dancer first sits on Leo's rockhard dick and then gets on his stomach as Leo plows away. The first of three simultaniously edited scenes.

Scene 6 - Ace, Andy Fuller
Meanwhile on a bed nearby, Andy Fuller meets tattooed street kid Ace. The streetwise youth has his sights set on Andy's babysmooth buns, and launches an all-out anal attack on the bed and off of it.

Scene 7 - Tony Peters, Brian Miles
In the third simultaneous edited scene, a strictly oral trip is performed by Tony Peters and Brian Miles, with both dark-haired studs in jockstraps and sweatsox as one keeps the other climbing the walls with a non-stop rim job.

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