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Catalina - Boy Band
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BOY BAND is a spunky new Blockbuster Feature that includes a memorable music video that will have you humming for days!
Director Josh Eliot has brought together all of his trademark skills for BOY BAND including original music, in-depth storyline, non-sexual extras, sexual performances, outdoor videography, Catalina's leading men, and a fresh bunch of handsome new man-fuckers who are ready to rock and roll you over!
Sharon Kane wrote the music and lyrics for the BOY BAND music video, The Way It's Going To Be. Additionally, Sharon leads the cast of BOY BAND in the role of Nance Freeley, an outlandish music mogul who is putting together a BOY BAND "like the music industry has never heard". Sharon is right on with both performances. In fact, she is absolutely perfect and we want to acknowledge her brilliant participation in this video.
From Sharon Kane's wonderful music and performance as Nance Freeley, to the splendid videography and hot man-ramming action, BOY BAND is a superb effort from Josh Eliot, and a rightful addition to Catalina's series of Premium Blockbuster Features.

1. Steve Rambo OgrAbRrg, Brad McGuire OgrAtRrg
The sexual performances in BOY BAND start with Steve Rambo's car broken down and he comes across hill billy Brad McGuire. The two swap blowjobs and good, solid ass-licks. McGuire butt-bangs Rambo's leading man ass along the way.

2. Chad Hunt OrgAt, Ray Harley OgrAb, Marco Paris OgrAb
Nance has sent Chad Hunt and Ray Harley to sign a BOY BAND member. Those two set their eyes on yummy Marco Paris and pull out the casting couch. By the time the contract is signed, Hunt has fucked both Harley and Paris, everybody sucked everybody's cock, and they all shot their man-splatter.

3. Chris Sullivan OrAt, Matt Ryder OgrAb, Ryen Matthews OgAt, Danny Chance OrAb
A four-way young-fest ensues. Hairy man-boys Chris Sullivan and Matt Ryder mix it up with Ryen Matthews and the adorable Danny Chance. Big cocks and steamy deep throat action hi-light this scene. Chris shoots his cum on Danny's cock, and then he licks it off. Matt shoots. Ryen Shoots. And Danny spews his Dan-drops all over Chris' glistening face.

4. Jessie Cooper OrAt, Chad Williams OgrAt, Tuck Johnson OgAb
In addition to being a music mogul, Nance does have a personal life, which at the moment involves the work crew at her house. Jessie Cooper, Chad Williams and Tuck Johnson are the crew and the three of them get into some hot construction guy action. By the time the job is finished, both guys have fucked Johnson, everybody sucked everybody's cock, and they all shot their man-spackle.

5. (Bonus scene)
Steve Rambo Ogr, Kurt Wagner (00s) Ogr
In an added bonus-extra scene, Steve Rambo and Kurt Wagner blow each other. Then they send their fuck juice flying all over the other guy's face.

6. Devon Barry OrAt, Court Logan OgrAb, Kurt Wagner (00s) OgrAb, Chris Sullivan OgrAt
The culmination of Nance's efforts show up in the last scene with the BOY BAND singers Devon Barry, Court Logan, Kurt Wagner and Chris Sullivan. Along with the presentation of the music video, The Way It's Going To Be, the four eager lads share in some boy-boner fun. First is the cocksucking, which ends in four juicy boy-loads. Then they start the fucking with Devon banging Kurt, and Chris drilling Court. Once again, they all shoot a jizzy boy-load.

action notes:  O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Length: 1:53:02
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