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L A Video Corporation - Hot Male Mechanics
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"A Mercedes repair shop fronts this hot group of kids as they strip down, lube up and work over each other's body parts.

It begins with a dual shower scene featuring Kyle Carrington and Paul Baressi, where the action gets steamy and hot when they both lather up. Come with Kyle on his first day at the garage when he gets some hands-on training from his buddy John Von Crouche.

Watch as Shawn Michaels goes to customer Jamie Wingo's house and picks up a car. In the middle of the action, the gas man Jeff Holden - who is watching from the window - decides to check out more than just the meter.

Customers and mechanics alike get in on the action when Eric Martinez comes to check on the body work being done on his car and mechanic Scott Avery works over his body.
The final scene features five of these hot mechanics at the garage owner's home. They go there to take the afternoon off, but end up getting off."

1. Kyle Carrington solo, Paul Barressi solo
   (2 solos in different showers and intercut with each other)

2. Kyle Carrington Or, John Von Crouche Og

3. Shawn Michaels (80s) OgrAtb, Jamie Wingo OgrAbt, Tony James (80s) OgrAb
'Blonde' Shawn Michaels delivers a car to Jamie Wingo. While waiting for Jamie. Shawn starts jerking off to a Torso magazine. Jamie comes into the room, already stroking his rod, and goes down on Shawn. They 69 for a bit and then Shawn buries his tool in doggie Shawn. Mustached 'blonde' utility man Tony James spies the two in the window and enters the back of the house to join them. He starts off by sucking the two of them as they fuck and then Jamie fucks the other two as they both kneel before him. He bathes there backs in cum and the two shower his face and chest in more jism.
Shawn Michaels's topping is probably phony.
found in compilation Hot Men

4. Eric Martinez OgrAbt, Scott Avery OgrAbt

5. Kyle Carrington OgrAb, John Von Crouche OgrAtbRg, Shawn Michaels (80s) OgrAbRr, Ron Chambers OgAtb, Dan Parks OgrAt
The shots inserted to make it look like Kyle tops Shawn or John in scene 5 are of Dan Parks fucking Kyle. John however seems to top Shawn, very briefly. All this to say that the final orgy is a total mess, like most of Richard Morgan's work: hard to believe anyone could achieve such poor results, wasting an all-star cast.

action notes: O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Length: 1:24:53
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