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NextDoorBuddies - Athletic Approach - Tyler Torro & Connor Maguire
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There're a lot of ways to get certain things done. When it comes to stretching Tyler Torro and Connor Maguire like to end with a nice massage. They both know how nice it feels to relax the most tense muscles. They're taking turns rubbing each other down. But when Connor notices one of Tyler's muscles experiencing increased blood flow, he uses a very special technique to soothe it. After removing Tyler's workout shorts, Connor places his mouth on Tyler's hard dick, sucking it hard and bobbing his head up and down in a rhythmic fashion. Then Connor is licking Tyler's sweet hole, just before slapping his firm boner on it. Tyler does indeed enjoy this, and it gives him another idea. Connor is definitely on-board for what Tyler's thinking. By shoving his fat, erect cock into Connor's tight asshole, Tyler is employing an ancient method of tension relief. Watch Connor take a hard fucking from Tyler and his strong, eager muscle.

Day 5:  Connor Maguire
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