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Men At Play - Deep Love (Tomas Brand & Logan Rogue)
Swedish real life husband and husband team Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue. We all love to see a bit of real passion between two studs and you won’t get better than these two who, not only know each other intimately but also know the right buttons to press to really turn each other on. And when we say ‘Deep’ love we are not only referring to the amazing chemistry between these two but also the beautiful monster cock of Tomas Brand that really digs for gold in his sexy young lovers eager ass. In true Menatplay style the two are suited up but this time in beautiful wedding, long tail, suits and Marcello waistcoats. The rough play in between these two, the deep cock sucking, and the electric passion make this a beautiful and horny mix that you’ll want to get your slavering lips around .
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