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Guard Patrol (2014) Raging Stallion
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4 scenes merged, 1080p, Contains logo

director Bruno Bond

Brian Bonds
Christian Wilde
David Benjamin
Mitch Vaughn
Rocco Steele
Ryan Rose

The 'Guard Patrol' is on the graveyard shift at the warehouse—and these horny security guards are fucking each other fast, deep and hard! Christian Wilde rejects Ryan Rose’s romantic advances, but he pounds the hell out of Ryan’s ass! Mitch Vaughn catches Brian Bonds trying to steal a backpack full of huge dildos. Mitch intends to teach Brian a lesson by probing him with the giant toys, but he finds out that Brian is a glutton for punishment. This situation calls for some backup. Some really BIG backup. Enter Rocco Steele and David Benjamin, who join Mitch in epically gangbanging all of Brian’s holes. After taking a flashlight’s handle up his ass, Brian gives head to all three guards and eats their loads. But that was just the warmup round! The guards come at Brian again with an unrelenting anal fucking onslaught, even stretching Brian’s hole with an intense double penetration! David, Rocco and Mitch blow their loads into Brian’s mouth AGAIN, and the ravenous cum pig eats it all up. The men of the 'Guard Patrol' are the biggest, meanest, hardest enforcers around, and you won’t be able to look away!

1 Christian Wilde, Ryan Rose

2 Mitch Vaughn, Brian Bonds

3 Mitch Vaughn, Brian Bonds, David Benjamin, Rocco Steele part 1

4 Mitch Vaughn, Brian Bonds, David Benjamin, Rocco Steele part 2
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