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Original Teen Boy - Bareback Cumparty 8 - Wet and Sticky
Alfonso Ramiro Alfredo William Juan Carlos Deivis Eduardo Mauricio Miguel

OTB's legendary models are getting soaked in the latest release from the amazingly popular and critically acclaimed (winner David Award 2007 for "Best Series") Bareback Cumparty Series, and we promise you won't be able to stay dry either!
Our boys have discovered the joys of water. So this time, they're off to the pool, the bathtub, the Jacuzzi or even fighting over the garden hose in their endeavour to get wet! Once immersed in the clear warm waters, they immediately go after their very favourite liquids - each other's cum! As usual, they're producing bucketsful of the sticky white stuff and they're only too eager to gobble it up and swallow, or to distribute it freely over young, smooth skin.
137 minutes of pure splashy passion in 5 cum-drenched 100% bareback scenes (3 duos, 2 incredible threesomes) featuring 9 of everybody's favourite models and no less than 27 sticky cumshots!

Duration: 2:22:58
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