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Bijou - Morning, Noon and Night
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Mustached and handsome Greg Miers and Dave Daniels search for true love among three humpy studs. Intellectual, though clumsy, sunny blond Michael Heath turns into a raving sex pig when the glasses come off, energetically 69ing, rough butt fucking, and lapping up Dave's mancum. Greg takes a lunch break with macho construction worker Tony Lee's thick, curved, menacing cock, munching deliriously until Tony gives up his juice. Dinner is shared by both men with chef Joe Gage, who gets skewered by an immense gourd before satisfying three-way sex.

1. Morning 200'
Dave Daniels, Michael Heath
Roommates Matt and Jim toss and turn in their individual beds, rapturously dreaming of a hunky stud at the beach in red trunks who they each call out to as, “Red!” They wake in the morning, and over breakfast compare pictures of tricks they want to hook up with, neither being much interested in the other’s tastes. Jim finally invites Morning, a clumsy, but bookish, blond in a cardigan over to the apartment. While Morning reads Kafka to him, Jim strips, then pushes Morning’s book aside and feeds him his cock. They 69 on the couch and Morning rims Jim, then they each take a turn bottoming for the other.

2. Noon (Cosco) 200'
Tony Lee, Greg Miers
Hard hat wearing Tony Lee (Noon) slaps a book out of Greg Miers' hands and orders him out of his clothes... fast. Dirty talking the whole time, Tony teases Greg with his cock, rough fucking his face as Greg deep throats him. Tony rims Greg in preparation and then rough fucks his ass. They 69 briefly but Greg does most of the work and when Tony cums in a geyser, Greg sucks the cum off Tony's dripping dick.

3. Night 200'
Dave Daniels, Joe Gage, Greg Miers
Jim has dinner with a mustached hunk called Night, but Jim won’t tell Night that he loves him, so Night throws food at him just as Matt is walking in. The men all laugh and devolve into a food fight that turns into a decadent three-way involving food and fucking. Each sucks the other, then Matt fucks Jim. Night crams a huge gourd up Matt’s ass, then blasts a thick load on Matt’s tongue. Then they 69 and Night laps up Matt’s cum as well.
The now infamous film director, Joe Gage, has it socked to him. When he says "The Gage Men deliver" we prove it. If you like big cocks on stud men, you better grab your Crisco—or put this film on slow motion, cause this is full speed ahead—and Gage gives and gets head. When that cum squirts out of those big-headed cocks you will fucking drool for your taste.

4. Day After 200'
Greg Miers, Dave Daniels
The day after, both Matt and Jim toss and turn, dreaming of Red, while flashbacks to the previous sex scenes play. They both head to the beach, determined to find their dream ideal, and finally discover that they were in front of each other all along.

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