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[GayFruit] Axel's Rude Awakening
Lads on a sleep over, that means anything can happen and usually does. Gabe, who is impish at the best of times, wakes first and has a wicked thought that makes him smile. He leaps across the room and lands on Axel in a full on tickle. Axel leaps up from his sleep wondering what is happening, a rude awakening indeed. But Gabe has his hands everywhere and it is all Axel can do to laugh and squeal with his arms waving wildly around trying to protect himself. Pits and belly, sides and pits Gabe is a whirlwind of tickle, filled with his early morning energy there is no stopping him. But Axel is now awake and the tickle turns into a wrestle and battle of wills as Gabe tries to keep the upper hand and keep the laughter coming, Axel is giggling and laughing in a delightful way and that just urges Gabe on. The blanket is thrown off as the lads struggle round and we get a great look at Axel's briefs stretched tight with his fat morning wood, Gabe spots it as well and is tickling round the tempting bulge and making Axel wail in nervous laughter. From there heading down towards the warm soft feet Gabe tickles the back of the flailing legs. Having his feet tickled at anytime drives Axel crazy but first thing in the morning is too much and he is thrashing round like a wild thing and it is all Gabe can do to keep a hold for his tickling fun. Gabe relents and goes for an upper body tickle, struggling to find a way in through Axel's struggles but it is a ruse and he flips back and grabs Axel's legs and tickles his feet deep and fast, the guy is going wild and finally Gabe calls it a day and leaves. Axel is left laying there, exhausted and feeling tired, woken to fast and now he needs to recover from that and a tickling. A really good boys will be boys clip.

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