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Pleasure Productions - Gay Erotica From The Past Vol 7
DVDgayvintagepre-condompre-AIDS erabarebackno condoms
[/size]These are from the Pre-AIDS era.  THERE ARE NO CONDOMS!!!   COMPLETELY BAREBACK.  

Gay Erotica From The Past Vol 7

Clones! Mustaches! Long hair! Beards! Chest hair! Yes, this is the late 1960s and early '70s when free love didn't mean an overly generous prostitute and when gay sex films were beginning to come into their own. This series of short hard core erotic films, all originally on film (some of the film not in the greatest condition), feature young attractive men doing what gay men do when their hormones kick in. The first vignette features two cowboys who play out games of submission and dominance. The best scene is when the compliant hunk dreams of his love for a man while another one vacuum sucks his dick. Lots of kissing which is definitely different from today's videos. Other shorts include two San Francisco men who pick up each other and proceed to go home, undress (bellbottoms can be a bitch!) and then get it on. The film concludes with two groovy dudes who have a gooey kiss after an ejaculating blow job! The sex looks the same but the types, filming style and production values are certainly of vintage quality.

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