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Perverzzo - Bareback Interns (2010) avi
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These new interns obviously know their job - but their conduct could lead them to a misconduct charge as they take advantage of their young patients - not that any of them are complaining! The first young twink in Bareback Interns is in for a full medical and after all the usual tests he lays back and grabs his shins - bare bum on full show. The intern lubes a speculum and slowly eases up this boy's back passage. Seeing all is in order, the guy sits up but obviously likes something hard in his arse as he sports a raging hard-on. The doc wastes no time in giving this lad his meat thermometer down his throat before plugging his tight virgin hole! The next patient is very stiff so the intern gives him a therapeutic massage but, as the patient turns over, the doctor pays a little too much attention to his cock and before you know it, the young doctor is relieving his own stiff muscle - right up the tight tunnel of his twink patient! A full medical is on the cards for the next young man - heartbeat, lungs, drop and cough - but this patient is also asked to pee into a plastic cup. He obliges, but the sight of his meaty tool is too much for the new intern and he bends to take this hardening cock in his mouth. The patient is shocked by this unprofessional conduct, but as the doc is so good at his job he decides that a little relaxation therapy is in order and bends the intern over the exam table and gives him a vaccination of his own, complete with warm serum! The next young patient only came in with stiff legs, but as the intern's soft hands massage his legs, they creep upwards until they are kneading the patient's stiffening cock. The doc's prognosis is not good - the guy needs a bare meat injection which culminates in warm ointment being sprayed onto his arse! The final patron of the day is in for his prostrate exam. Bent over and cheeks spread, the young intern lubes his finger and slowly feels his way into the lad's tight hole. The patient obviously likes something digging about in his backside and is soon asking the doc to give his arse a more thorough seeing to. Not one to disappoint, the white coat is discarded and the intern is curing his patient the only way he knows how - with a bare cock buried deep in his poop chute! These Bareback Interns break every kind of ethical code as they suck and fuck their young twink patients. With loads of hot insertions, dilations, inspections and warm ointment being doled out, this is one practice you want to be signed up to! Cast: Poter, Lubeck, Jan, Walter, Oscar, Jaroslav, Daniel

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