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Masqulin - Impulse Buy Part 2 - Markus Kage and Alex Mecum (720p)
Released July 19, 2019

In Part 2 of the Masqulin Impulse Buy series, Markus Kage makes a detour to the underbelly of the store where he discovers a very naked and ready Alex Mecum blindfolded and ass up. Markus has a decision to make. He can turn around and pretend he never saw this or he can allow himself to venture into unchartered territories.

(Thanks to the OP for sharing this. It's the first vid from this new studio (sister site to MenAtPlay) that I've seen.

Honest review: the production values are great, camera angles are well placed. However (and I've replayed this scene multiple times), it looks like Markus' cum (starting at the 23:37 mark) is fake - it looks like it's oozing from his fingers while jacking off instead of coming from his dick. You be the judge.)
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