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SpunkWorthy - Dakota's Surprise Handjob
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You can thank Preston for introducing me to his buddy Dakota. The minute I met him, I knew I wanted Dakota to get naked for you guys. But it took months for me to finally convince him to take the leap.

Once he finally got in front of my camera, this 22 y/o, six-foot tall Marine didn't seem so nervous anymore. In fact, he seemed downright excited! I asked if he had been curious about doing porn before his buddy Preston did it.

"Who doesn't wanna do porn?" he said. Point taken.

Some guys clam up when the camera rolls, but Dakota was a talker and a storyteller, and a pretty good one at that. I think you'll enjoy his story about jerking off at church camp. And then there's his tale of getting caught jerking off by his roommate. Let's just say it involves cum on the door handle.

Dakota has a few things that push my buttons. He's got a happy trail, a nice full bush, big low-hanging balls, and a cock that got so hard, you could hang a towel off it. And best of all, he seemed to really get off on being watched, often playfully looking into the camera.

When Dakota stood up, he sped up his stroke. This guy wasn't just beating off. He was fucking his hand with wild abandon. When he turned around, showing off his ass and arching his back to reveal the hairy crack, that's when I couldn't resist to reach in and grab his dick.

"You wanna make a little extra money today?" I asked.

He seemed apprehensive for a moment, but finally said, "I guess so."

He flipped back over and I started stroking him off, cupping one hand under his balls and slipping a finger in his tight hole. "Whoa!" he said, surprised. "Feels pretty good."

Dakota must have been telling the truth, 'cause within a couple minutes a thick, juicy load of cum erupted and ran down the side of my hand.
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