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Falcon - Big Timber
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Dedicated environmental activists square off with a group of lusty lumberman in this erotic tale of heated conflict and blistering sexual tension. Anything goes as each man seeks to save his cause and work his cock! Will these dedicated and demanding dudes come to a compromise? Or will they leave their convictions behind and surrender to the greater call of instinctual erotic impulse?

1. Brad Benton, Joe Foster
Environmentalists Brad Benton and Joe Foster are feeling overworked and under-appreciated when Falcon Exclusive Josh Weston announces that they're off to Northern California to stop a logging operation. Saving the planet leaves little time for recreation and personal enjoyment, Brad and Joe complain. Josh agrees that he's worked the group hard…now he wants an opportunity to show his appreciation for all they've done.

2. Clay Maverick, Justin Dragon, Jack Ryan
Head lumberjack Clay Maverick shatters the sylvan silence as he learns that protestors are expected to hinder logging operations. Angrily he announces the policy that peace is to be preserved…and scoffs at the suggestion of preparing for any altercation through role-playing. But Justin Dragon and Jack Ryan eagerly jump into the role of pleasing and pacifying their hot and bothered foreman.

3. Josh Weston, Brad Benton, Joe Foster, Jerek (rs)
As Josh Weston, Brad Benton, and Joe Foster hike toward the logging site, they are drawn in another direction by gunfire. Jerek is doing some target practice, and his target is the endangered black falcon. The righteous trio rips the gun from Jerek's hand and offers him an ultimatum...either face the legal authorities or submit to Joe Foster's own brand of punishment. In no time at all, Jerek realizes that satisfying Joe's erotic needs is exactly the kind of punishment he's been missing.

4. Joe Foster, Josh Weston, Brad Benton, Clay Maverick, Justin Dragon, Jack Ryan, Trey Rexx, Ross Stuart, Paul Johnson, Leo Bramm
Joe Foster, Josh Weston, and Brad Benton chain themselves to redwoods in an attempt to foil loggers Clay Maverick, Justin Dragon, and Jack Ryan. Clay calls in heavies Trey Rexx, Ross Stuart, Leo Bramm, and Paul Johnson to check on breaking the locks. The locks are tight but the confined demonstrators are at the mercy of the rugged lusty loggers who waste no time taking advantage of the situation. The encounter evolves into a sizzling scene of sucking, fucking, rimming and stroking which ends in showers of white-hot satisfaction.

5. Jerek (rs)
Meanwhile, inside a rickety mountain shack, Jerek works himself into an erotic frenzy as he recalls Joe Foster's lusty punishment. Jerek won't soon forget the environmentalists or the endangered black falcon.

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