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Spritzz - Cock Chase - Schwanzjagd
Country: Germany,  Language: German

Jason Sky Three huge knobs for Basti

Basti stupidly gets chatted up by three mechanics on an old army base when all he wants is ask for directions. The lads force him to kneel down and suck on their thick hard cocks. After that Basti is given a few sox to sniff and gets thoroughly fucked by the gang leader's huge XL donger.

Junior 22 spunky centimeters

Two mates bump into each other as they tag the walls of an old derelict house. Malte can feel the tension building up in his stiff 22 centimeters and Junior, a horny Cuban, isn’t averse to a blowjob or a good shafting either. And he’s got what it takes in his pants to prove it...

Philippe Delvaux Blowjob in the basement

Zaho only wants to get his cock sucked and goes down to the basement with Philippe. But because of all the excitement he doesn’t manage to shoot his wad while the other spurts a thick load of cum...

Meko Assaulted in the woods

Rocco gets assaulted in the woods by two blokes who drag him into a workman’s hut. Once in there Meko aims at his tight little arse and gives him a good pounding from behind while at the other end Rocco is forced to suck on blackboy Jeff’s massive hard-on.

Tom Lake Fuck a beefcake

Skinhead Tommy fancies older, muscly guys and even manages to knock out a security guard, who, when he comes back to his senses, finds himself with Tommy’s dick rammed down his throat…

20 years old and always aroused

Zaho has just turned 20 and is horny as hell. He often goes to his hideaway for a quick wank but this time he is not alone as a mysterious visitor starts impaling himself on his glorious manhood…

Smoking and fucking

In this bonus scene from Kallamacka Andy gets busy on Kai’s sweaty feet. The lad gets his throbbing dick head and heavy balls licked and is about to enjoy a good hard fuck!

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