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GayLifeNetwork - LollipopTwinks - Twink Tastic
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Twink Tastic

Running Time: 81 minutes
Released: 05/2013
Studio: GayLifeNetwork - LollipopTwinks
Director: Afton Nills

Stars: J.T. Wreck, Cameron Greenway, Dustin Hawthorne, Skylar Prince, Patrick Kennedy, Levon Meeks


Their bodies are young and tight. Their faces are sweet and sexy. They seem so innocent and pure and then the sparks of sexual attraction fly and the twinks are pulling their clothes off in desperation because the pleasure of penetration turns them on. Oral and anal fill the twink porn scenes and the boys in them are beyond beautiful and brimming with desire. They need it, they want it and they get it hard.

Scene 1 (Patrick Kennedy & Levon Meeks):

Lollipop Twinks Go On A Date - You get to see these two hot twinks go on a date that turns into a bedroom romp. Levon Meeks gets pounded by Patrick and rides him too. There's a lot of blowjob action in this scene and a lollipop is always in the picture. These two guys make a perfect pair. Besides that, they pretty much look like twins!

Scene 2 (Dustin Hawthorne & Cameron Greenway):

Dustin and Cameron in scary twink movie - Dustin Hawthorne is drying himself off after a shower when he gets a strange phone call. He doesn't know who the caller is, but the caller definitely knows a lot about him. He seems to be watching him and it freaks him out. He calls a friend for help but there's no answer. He finally decides to go to sleep, hoping the call was just a prank. We then see the mysterious caller (Cameron Greenway) come into the house, getting undressed and going to Dustin's room. Watch to see what happens next!

Scene 3 (Skylar Prince & Cameron Greenway):

Wasted Twink Gets Revived - The scene starts off with Skylar Prince totally wasted and Cameron Greenway trying to save him. He takes off all his clothes and puts him into a bubble bath. That doesn't work so he lays him down and starts sucking him off. This makes it all better after sometime and the guy repays him afterward with even more action.

Scene 4 (Patrick Kennedy & JT Wreck):

Gay Boys Massage Suck and Fuck - The cute boys are in the bedroom and one of them is on his stomach getting an erotic massage. The strong hands rubbing his back relax him and make his cock stir to life. From there the scene erupts into a sensual suck and screw fest. They are into the passionate pursuit of orgasm and that includes gay blowjobs and good doggy style sex. The cocks are big on these tight boys.

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