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ChaosMen - 2292 - Maxi & Ron Raw (1080p)
Release date: May 31, 2019

Video Number: 2292

I often say the guys are close to cumming throughout a video, and while most of the guys are good at holding it back, I feel like I have had more than a couple times recently when they didn't quite keep control. This video is one such scene.

Maxi and Ron were instantly into each other, and Maxi discovered he loved eating hairy ass during this video.

After swapping oral, Maxi dives in to rim Ron's hairy hole. He went after it hungrily, and loved the smell and taste. He told me after the shoot he definitely had an epiphany about hairy guys.

Just after rimming him, he slides his cock in Ron's hole, and with the heady scent of musky ass on his face, he started fucking Ron.

They fuck for a bit, and then Maxi gets upright so I can get my camera in for a nice POV shot of the fucking. Maxi was watching in on the camera, seeing his cock slide in an out of Ron's freshly eaten ass, and then´┐Ż


Maxi lost control and started to cum. His reaction was not the best, jumping up and trying to hold his load in. Too late, but I did catch it on my camera. He did not cum all the way, but a lot of seed spilled out.

I encouraged him to dive back in, a despite some wobble here and there, he maintains. We were all relieved that it wasn't a full orgasm, despite the amount of cum he leaked.

And then Maxi struggled to not cum again, mainly because he was fucking his cum into Ron.

Ron was having a blast being fucked so skillfully, and took premature ejaculation as a compliment to his bottoming skills.

Maxi fucks the cum out of Ron, and then Maxi jerks his cock until he cums again. Not much seeps out the second time, but Maxi is spent from the second orgasm, so collapses down onto Ron for a passionate kiss.
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