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Boris and Tobias Part 1 from German TV Sturm der Liebe - updated until August 16
non porngay love storyGerman TV
Language: German | Subtitles: English

"Sturm der Liebe" is a German telenovela set in a luxurious hotel in the middle of idyllic Alpine landscape.

Boris is a closeted gay man working as a hotel manager for his homophobic father.

Tobias Ehrlinger wanted to pay his cousin Romy in Bichlheim only a short visit. But then the aspiring firefighter spontaneously gets a job as a technician in the "Fürstenhof". When he meets Boris Saalfeld at the five-star hotel, two worlds collide. The smart manager gets on his nerves with Tobias' views - until fate brings them together again and again ...

These are cut episodes showing only their storyline. Episode 2946 is Tobias' first appearance. There's no Boris or Tobias in episodes 2952, 2953 and 2954.

There's also a bonus subtitled interview that should be watched after finishing the most recent episode.
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