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Bijou-Nova - The Cruiser (1980) DVD
VintageBarebackPre Condomanaloralgeneral hardcorepre-condom
Bo Richards
Bud Wilson
Chuck Stears
Clay Hughes
Clay Russell
Dale Arnold
Ken Foxx
Mark Kropp
Paul Mackie
Ron Stevens
Wes Harding

1. The Cruiser (short)
Wes Harding, Dale Arnold, Paul Mackie
A cruiser's dream come true when a cock-hungry marine and a sex-starved sailor are discovered on the same afternoon. Three makes very good company.

2. Tool Boy
Ken Foxx solo

3.1. Shivaree! pt 1
Ron Stevens, Chuck Stears, Bud Wilson
An exposed and succulent ass turns a sleeping bunkhouse into a gang-bang as horny ranch hands cut loose for a sex celebration.

3.2. Shivaree! pt 2
Ron Stevens, Chuck Stears, Bud Wilson, Clay Hughes

4. Mr. Fixit
Bo Richards solo

5. Track Meat
Mark Kropp, Clay Russell
Coach and track star find that massage room therapy stimulates the sex muscles beyond discretion and that heavy action is required before they can find relief.

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