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Titanmen - Fear - Expanded Directors Edit - 1080p
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The Exclusive Leather/Fetish Film of the 2007 Folsom Street Fair, FEAR brings the world of Fetish play into the light of day. Shot entirely outdoors this hardcore fetish masterpiece takes the genre of BDMS and fetish play to a whole new level. Featuring TitanMen exclusives Francois Sagat, Dean Flynn, Alex Baresi, Dirk Jager, Diesel Washington, Rick Van Sant, Tober Brandt and introducing Tony Buff. A veteran of Operation Desert Storm Tony Buff brings the term “water boarding” to a whole new level in his groundbreaking scene. Featuring his real-life partner and “boy” Derek Da Silva performing an inverted water suspension hanging bondage scene never before seen on film!


1. 47m 24s Tony Buff At, Tober Brandt At, Derek da Silva Ab
In his explosive debut, Tony Buff and Tober Brandt hunt down Derek Da Silva in the wilderness. When they finally get him, they tackle him to the ground, tying his arms behind his back. They viciously throat-fuck their eager servant so hard he gags several times until he finally throws up on Tober's thick, hard cock.
This hardly deters Derek, as he takes a deep breath and goes down for more intense face-fucking. After fucking, pissing and cumming on him, Tony and Tober are just getting starting to have their way with Derek, who's eager to be used and abused by these rough, tough-talking tops. "You're in for it now, boy!" Tony warns Derek as he hoists him upside down over a pool of icy water. He's completely naked and completely bound up with rope with his arms tied behind his back, as he tenuously swings over the pool, Tober and Tony pissing on him and punching him like he's some sort of human piñata. Despite hard punches to his balls and stomach, Derek's cock remains rock hard though out the entire scene. With the skill of a true bondage master, Tony lowers Derek head-first into the water! Still suspended and bound, Tony jerks Derek off until he cums, with his juice streaming down his bound body and into his own mouth. Then Tony and Tober shoot (again) all over their willing captive.
found in compilation Going Rogue: The Tony Buff Collector's Edition Volume 1

2. 44m 25s Dirk Jager At, Rick van Sant Abt, Lars Svenson Atb
Dirk Jager takes handsome Rick van Sant and Lars Svenson to the kind of to-the-elbow punch-fucking session that Rick is famous for.
found in compilation Double Wide: The Best of Rick van Sant

3. 16m 53s Diesel Washington OrAt, C.J. Madison Or, Brody Newport OgAb
After being hosed down with a torrent of piss from Diesel Washington and CJ Madison, gruff Brody worships their massive cocks before Diesel pounds him mercilessly.

4. Dirk Jager At, Alex Baresi Ab
After Dirk Jager performs CBT on Alex Baresi and fucks him senseless, Alex performs a saline scrotal inflation on himself. Dirk punches and slaps Alex's engorged balls before fisting his hungry ass.

5. 17m 39s Dean Flynn OgrAt, François Sagat OgrAb
Finally, Francois Sagat and Dean Flynn take a break from a hike so that Dean can pound Francois up against a tree, unaware they're being watched by CJ, Brody and Diesel.

6. Brody Newport At, C.J. Madison At, Diesel Washington At, François Sagat Ab, Dean Flynn solo
The three seize Francois and Dean for the must-be-seen-to-be-believed finale of bondage and submission. With a horse's bit in his mouth, Francois is hung from a crucifix suspension, while Dean—strapped to an iron bondage chair—is forced to watch the terrors about to unfold.

action notes: O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

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