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Falcon FVS 103 - Bareback Cowboys Riding Raw (2001)
VintageBarebackPre-Condomoralanalhunksfetishgeneral hardcore
Includes five complete vintage picture magazines with stills from scenes included on this DVD.

Six smoldering scenes featuring hot, hard bareback riding cowboys working their horse-dicks in the great outdoors! Settle into your saddle, sit back and watch these wild wranglers suck, fuck and ride their mounts into a thick manly lather.
No collection is complete without this prime selection of digitally remastered film footage! These classic scenes have never looked better and you won't want to miss a moment of these wild, wild rides!

Cast: Lee Ryder, Joe Markum, Tex Anthony, Barry Hoffman, Ed Wiley, Rod Phillips, Bob Bishop, Tim Price, Clint Ely, Tony Calhoun, Hal Drake and Bert Edwards.

Scene 1 - Dunes, pts 1 & 2
Clint Ely and Hal Drake meet on the beach while horse back riding. Clint sucks Hal off until he gets a load down the gullet. They rim each other and then Clint gets fucked until they both cum on Clint's stomach. Clint licks up the mixed juices.
See picture magazine Sandblast.

Scene 2 - High Voltage, pts 1 & 2
Starring Lee "Huge" Ryder, Rod Phillips, and Mark Hunter. A desert horse race... a secluded power transformer... a legendary trio... overloading action!
See picture magazine High Voltage.

Scene 3 - Hayride
Working on a farm in Northern California, 22-year-old brown haired Bob Bishop with a tanned washboard stomach and a hot white ass turns on to his ranch boss Barry Hoffman, a 26-year-old mustachioed blond with a tattoo that says "rebel" and the biggest uncut cock we've seen in some time.
See picture magazine Best Of Brentwood Nr 1.

Scene 4 - The New Breed
Introduces Tex Anthony as the halfbreed who encounters collegian Tony Calhoun camping out on reservation property. Punishment for trespassing has never been so swift and pleasurable!

Scene 5 - Round Up
A cattle ranch is the setting for this western film. There is rough hard action from the very beginning. Three ranch hands Joe Markum, Bert Edwards and Tim Price are engaged in a heavy 3-way when interrupted by their foreman and ordered back to work. It becomes obvious that these boys are turned on by his masculinity. Becoming aroused, all three gang up on him and, with his arms held behind him, forcefully undo his pants–laying bare his huge equipment. The foreman was hung as heavy as they had imagined. They force him to the ground and strip him down to the hide. The rugged hard action explodes with horny climax after climax. Six hot loads are shot before these boys decide to call it a day.
See picture magazine Round Up.

Scene 6 - Ramcharger
Ed Wiley and Bob Bishop meet at a gas station in their big trucks. Gas stations might be a big cruising ground, but the two head off into the desert for some private fueling. Bob strips off his t-shirt and Ed can't resist grabbing the thinly covered globes of Bob hot round ass. Bob gingerly gropes Ed's crotch and does a brief suck on Ed before they start grappling each other. Ed invites Bob back to his truck and gets to sit on the tail gate while Bob deep throats his big cock. Ed returns the favor as bob stands and then cums on Ed's hairy chest. Ed bends Bob over the truck tailgate and give him a rim and thumb job that would loosen the tightest of holes. Bob uses his boots to encourage Ed to penetrate him. Still in his jeans, Ed fucks the muscular shoe-clad-only Bob with lots of restless action and close-ups of much all-the-way-out and back-in motion. He comes on Bob's rippling stomach and then licks his own cum up before tonguing Bob's face.
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