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Sailor in the Wild (WilliamHiggins/LagunaPacific/Channel1Releasing)
Shot on film, this seminal William Higgins classic looks absolutely gorgeous, and features anatomically gifted fellows getting it on pre-condom style, replete with no longer safe raw fucking, sucking, cum swallowing, and even the bygone porn practice of post-orgasm reinsertion. Oh and another thing - the cast is fucking beautiful!

Thompson plays a sailor on leave who dicks around (literally) in the woods for a weekend. A couple of jerk-offs in the lush woods kick things off, and then a nighttime threesome in a cabin. One of the three lads - a bleached blonde - displays deep throat talents on a conscious buddy before the third guy rouses, freaks out, and cries wolf. But pretty soon... he's participating.

"I thought you guys were my friends!" he complains while they forcefully suck his dick. "We are!" they all gladly assure. Then straight boy betrays signs of extreme deviance, proving to be a super bottom and, in a highlight, fucking his own ass with his balls! Yes - with his own goddamned balls.

Later pairings (that feature cum gushings so forceful these guys must've saved up for weeks) feature our sailor and a ranger who fuck condom-free on a blanket, a baby-faced trio playing strip poker-cum-threesome-cum, and a hot finale between an adolescent sailor and manly MP. Every damned scene was hotter than the last.

Sailor in the Wild's hot cast ranges from boy to man, and Higgins sure knows how to make their big dicks look appetizing.

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