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Alexander Pictures - Twink Bondaged by Blacks

Twink Bondaged by Blacks is the taking of one little guy’s ass from tight to loose by a bevy of sexy black fuckers. In case he wasn’t so willing to help out so many new friends, this twink was bound up to keep him around just long enough to pleasure everyone needing something warm to jack their cocks off with. You will enjoy this feature from Alexander Films without question.

Scene One: Rodrigo Beckmann, Riu Melo
When you see Riu Melo walking down the street, you know he’s going to end up getting fucked. It’s just one of those things. When he happens upon some straight porn taped to the walls of an abandoned structure you expect he’s about to find his new best friend. Instead, he gets caught by Rodrigo Beckmann and bound to a chair. Rodrigo gives him a stern talking too before going through his shit. He was clearly tricked into this situation and he’s about to get it. Rodrigo feeds him some cock in the chair before tying him up to a post and putting a dildo up his ass. Riu’s moaning makes it clear he’s in pain and that seems to fuel Rodrigo’s resolve. He pulls out if hard dick and puts it right up Riu’s well-worked ass. Riu is moaning like a bitch right up until Rodrigo nuts all over his jockstrapped ass. But Riu’s troubles aren’t over.

Scene Two: Alfonso Lugo, Riu Melo
Rodrigo clearly has some friends who are aware of his little setup. Alfonso Lugo shows up and his cock shows that he’s a fan of the twink that Rodrigo caught in his net on this afternoon. He lets Riu taste his beautiful prick as a warm-up once he’s had a good time checking out the ass he’s about to bury himself in. Riu sucks him good, but not good enough to finish him off without getting another fucking. Rodrigo seems to enjoy watching Alfonso take that ass as much as he liked having it himself. A dirty fuck that I’m glad we get to see at the height of his glory! Alfonso doesn’t seem to mind sloppy seconds and Riu’s cock makes it seem clear that he’s not all that put off by getting pounded by a second black stud. Alfonso ices the boy’s ass just like Rodrigo did and then both of the fuckers leave Riu bound up with the porn wearing nothing but his jock and some wrist restraints.

Scene Three: Adrian Correa, Riu Melo
Riu’s waiting on his hands and knees like a bitch when Rodrigo finally returns and eventually covers him up with a blanket but doesn’t free him. Riu wakes up when Adrian Correa shows up, we understand why he’s still tied up. Riu’s still not finished. Adrian’s big black dick is hard and ready for action. Riu just lays at his next top’s feet waiting for the ass pounding that is sure to come. Adrian plays with his bone and smacks it around before Riu is forced to his feet to take it first in his mouth and then in his already ravaged ass. Even through this third pounding, Riu is hard as a rock. In fact, before long his dick is cumming without even being touched just by the fucking Adrian gives him. Too much fucking for him to hold on, it seems. Adrian pays him back by adding the third coat of icing to his lower back.

Scene Four: Gustavo Alves, Riu Melo
Left to take another catnap against his tethers, Riu is still in captivity. This time Rodrigo shows up with Gustavo Alves and his big boner in tow. They have a matter of fact chat about the twink on the ground while Gustavo rubs his prick through his jeans. Rodrigo leaves for a second and returns with a hood to mask Riu’s face for Gustavo. Once that’s in place, it’s straight to the little twinks ass for some spanking and fingering. Gustavo takes advantage of the mouth hole in the hood to get his dick wet and ready before getting around to his real goal. He dives into Riu’s ass like he’s been needing something to fuck for a good long while. Gustavo takes what he needs from the still hard Riu and cums a bucket load from his big, black dick.

Scene Five: Victor Alves, Riu Melo
Last but certainly not least, Victor Alves gives Rodrigo the final show of the day. Rodrigo has put Riu’s ass to the test and the final exam is proving to be a rough one. Victor is no disappointment when it comes to muscle or to what’s swinging between his legs. Either Riu is lucky that his already stretched out asshole will not have any doubts that it is getting one more fucking or he’s wishing that he would pass out. Rodrigo doesn’t give a shit about Riu’s ass and it seems that Victor isn’t all that worried either. Who’s enjoying that sweet fucking more is the biggest question on anyone’s mind. No matter the answer, Victor enjoys the ride all the way through to the end. The cumshot is no less impressive than the rest of the tour de force.

Riu Melo got a lot more out of his little hike into the woods than he bargained for, no doubt, but not more than he could take in the end, pun intended. He was strong for some even stronger men and proved to be just the right entertainment for a group of horny black studs.
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