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Shotgun Kick Em When Theyre Down aka Testicle Tortures volume 2 640x480 1h14m08s avi
BDSMbondageCBTchainselectro-stimextreme painleatheranal action (if any) is always 'safe sex'
KICK 'EM WHEN THEY'RE DOWN aka TESTICLE TORTURES volume 2 640x480 1h14m08s AVI 1361 mbs

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Featuring: Roger, Jeff Hilo, Dave North, Andrew Montano, Pete Magnum, Ron Kenna, Michael Evans, Bart Conyers, Keith Reed, Dieter Roll

Dieter Roll gets punished into two consecutive loads before Roger turns up the electricity and gets off. Then Jeff Hilo, a bona fide tri-athlete gets the same treatment, only rougher!

Finally, tall and built Pete Magnan displays incredible endurance with his massive nuts after having a huge load "vised" out of him. Of course, he was screaming "Stop! Stop! No more! No more!" at the time, but he knew what he was getting into when he started.

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