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ChaosMen- Theon Complete Bareback Collection Pack (Full 1080p)
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The complete Theon collection pack which includes all of his Bareback videos and apart from the one which I already posted with Solomon Aspen a few days ago.

Theon Videos have never been posted in Full 1080p, so I hope you'll love the High Quality of this Hot collection...

He has a sexy Hunky body type and his butt is soo cute, this is an unmissable and a must to have.

He has mainly bottomed for all of his time on ChaosMen, but... he has topped in 2 video'simage

This pack also contains his solo video too.

Details of this Pack video's are:

01. CM1168 Theon Solo
Release date: March 11, 2013. Running Time: 14.54 Mins

Video Number: 1168

Go Greek!

Theon is a hot Greek guy with a tight little bod and a huge cock on him. He is a smart and friendly guy, who has just the right amount of confidence and amiability that allows him to be immediately likable.

He is into sporty girls, and loves to fuck them in the ass and make them eat his load.  Theon has had a few drunken "goofing around" moments with dudes, so he is not too worried about messing with another guy, though he is uncertain how he will be while sober.

Stroking his dick clearly gives him a lot of pleasure, and his solo and photos both show just how fat and long that cock is on his 5'8" frame.  His ass is equally as amazing, and he wasn't shy about pushing it out and up in the air for us to take a gander at.

His load is pretty amazing, and he just about hits himself in the face, though to be fair, his cock reaches a bit beyond his belly button to start with!

Theon will be back next week for a Serviced video and my guess is he will be back to do even more in the future!

02. CM1226 Theon 'peep'
Release date: April 25, 2013. Running Time: 26.06 Mins

Video Number: 1226

Theon used his iPhone for this video. He upgraded and even got himself a little tripod for it. But for his first round he kept the phone oriented vertically. Even though he did a good job, I was worried that once the rotated video made it online, it might be a bit too small see.

But I did like the amateur feel to it, and it has it's own feel to it.  So I integrated it into his second try. The upshot is we get two cum shots out of him!

Theon even made a little intro video, but the phone was a ways off, so the audio of him talking is a bit quiet. He does a strip tease, and what I think is especially hot, is he gets a boner while showing-off his ass.

He picks up from there in his bedroom. And you can easily see how natural he is in front of the camera. He shows off his ass, and gives us some nice POV of him stroking his cock.

After his first cum shot, we see his second one in a chair. Foot lovers will like this one as he seems to do the video in this position that not only showcases his ass, but his feet as well.

Theon is part of Team Chaos and starting next week his full sex films will beginning to air!

03. CM1186 Cruz & Theon RAW
Release date: May 3, 2013. Running Time: 30.45 Mins

Video Number: 1186

Theon has some crazy awesome sexual energy, and paring him with Cruz, turned out to be a great decision!

The goal for this video was to test Theon's limits. He said he would bottom for one position, which I thought would be great because Cruz is a fantastic bottom, but also excels at being great Top.

These two really got into each other, and Theon sucks cock like a pro. I was fascinated to see him get harder and harder the longer he sucked Cruz's cock.  Cruz is Bi, but Theon says he is 'all straight' but I dunno, he is going to have move a little closer to the center on the sexuality meter. He truly is having a great time.

On top of that, once he started bottoming, his cock got even harder!  Cruz, who has been bottoming lately, took to being a Top with no problems!  Though we had thought Theon would just try bottoming for a bit, things were going so well for both guys that we stuck to Theon bottoming.

And like a pro, he busts his nut while Cruz is grinding his cock into his ass.  Cruz also delivers a creamy load to his hole, giving Theon an official Chaos Creampie Welcome!

04. CM1206 Chaz Riley & Theon RAW
Release date: May 24, 2013. Running Time: 27.05 Mins

Video Number: 1206

Theon was ready to try bottoming for an entire video, and Chaz is such an awesome Top I thought it would be a solid pairing. And it certainly is! Both guys are built awesome, and they had a some muscle worship going on that really made the chemistry amp up.

Theon seems to have very few limits, and he sure looks happy sucking dick. He even was down for eating ass, and despite Chaz's giggle grimace, Theon went to town on his hole like a piggy Top.

Chaz is never one to be upstaged, and he blew and rimmed Theon till he was ready to get fucked.

They start of doggy-style, which seems to be Theon's favorite position. Someday I am going to see if we can make him cum that way. Theon's ass is just amazing and I love the way he shoves it up into the air, like it is begging to be fucked!

After that, Theon sat on Chaz while he was on his back. Not one of Chaz's stronger positions as he tends to like to be upright and in a more aggressive dominant position.  We quickly change from that position to Theon on his back, and I just can't get over how flexible he is. Guys that are as muscular as him usually aren't very bendable, but he is dang good at getting his ankles up to his ears!

We did have to move Theon to the edge of the bed in order to get him to cum from fucking.  His legs were cramping from being all bent up. Also, I am not sure he is quite used to a big cock ramming him while he nuts, so it took him a bit to ramp up.

And Chaz is ever the pro, winding-up his uncut cock and doing a cum dump on Theon's hungry hole!

05. CM1227 Jordan Cleary & Theon RAW
Release date: June 28, 2013. Running Time: 29.03 Mins

Video Number: 1227

Jordan turned out to be an amazing performer in the glory hole. His cock was bone hard and he just seemed to really get into sex.  And Theon has turned out to be an amazing bottom. His cock stays rock solid while he is getting boned.

Jordan initially said he wasn't ready to suck dick, but he decided he wanted to do more work in the future, so he upped his game for this video.  He did a fine job his first time out, and I think Theon was relieved to give his jaw a break from sucking Jordan's big knob.

Jordan does have a rather thick cock, so Theon picked his favorite position to get used to a fat dick. He sat on it with out much trouble, and wow, his cock REALLY likes it when his hole is being penetrated!

I find the spooning position to be challenging for newbies, but Jordan was a machine, and sure enough, he pummels Theon sidewise, giving us ample view of his cock sliding in and out, making Theon's cock even harder.

Without even so much as a hiccup, he tosses Theon on his back and buries his cock deep in his hole. That was just enough to make Theon cum from getting fucked.

Jordan's first time up to breed a hole, and he nails it perfectly. Shooting a couple squirts on Theon's hole, the burying the rest deep inside his new Greek toy!

06. CM1248 Spiro & Theon RAW
Release date: August 2, 2013. Running Time: 31 Mins (Approx)

Video Number: 1248

This is Spiro's second time having sex with a dude, and I really think he turned up the energy and pushed his limits.

Of course it doesn't hurt that Theon is one sexy dude, and even for a straight guy like Spiro, he could clearly see  Theon had an amazing body on him.  I had asked what else he would be willing to try, and he took a quick glance at Theon and said he thought he would like to try rimming. Well OK! Theon's ass IS amazing, no matter what team you play for.

Both guys are eager cocksuckers, and I know Theon likes attention to his hole, so getting him rimmed always gets him more in the mood to be fucked. He sits right down on Spiro's face, who hungrily eats Theon's hole like it is a pussy.

That got Theon all revved up to sit on Spiro's cock, which didn't seem to wilt one bit while a dude sat on his face. Hmmmmm...

I gotta give props to Theon, he can really ride a cock, and those quads of his sure get a workout as he road Spiro's rock hard dick both forwards and backwards.  I remember "back in the day" when Tops used to get all the attention, but around ChaosMen, the bottoms often steal the show. Theon is no exception!

I got some great undershot footage as Spiro rams him from behind. Theon's hard dick just barely moves from the pounding because he is so hard.

Making Theon cum on his back was super easy as Spiro truly knew how to fuck slow and steady and hit Theon's prostate. Spiro also quickly learned how to breed a boy, dumping his load in Theon's  hungry hole!

07. CM1284 Aiden Pace & Theon 'Pure'
Release date: September 20, 2013. Running Time: 35.18 Mins

Video Number: 1284

I can't imagine a more perfect Pure pairing!

Aiden loves being a top, and Theon's mind and body seems to respond to an assertive and firm top. Both guys also love muscle worship and you can pretty much tell I just let these guys do what they wanted.

This is just an amazing match-up with stellar chemistry!

08. CM1292 Gavin Sevin & Theon 'Pure'
Release date: November 8, 2013. Running Time: 28.45 Mins

Video Number: 1292

Phew! I really tried hard to get this video to happen!

Gavin's schedule kept giving him all kinds of problems, and I think we booked and rebooked this shoot like 3 times.  Theon rolled with it each time, mainly because I found a replacement each time.

Gavin finally got free and I finally got to pair two of my most muscly dudes together. Perfect for oiling up and lots of muscle worship.  The two definitely clicked, and Theon's cock REALLY liked Gavin fucking him.  A few times Gavin went too deep. his cock is rather long, but I think Theon appreciated not getting banged by a beer can. and found it the perfect size to get fucked by.

We did have the documentary crew during this shoot, so there were 4-5 people in the room, and both guys start-off a bit distracted, but once the cameras were rolling, they got their rhythm.

A very hot pairing that were perfect for a Pure video!

09. CM1320 Jonas & Theon RAW
Release date: November 22, 2013. Running Time: 30.53 Mins

Video Number: 1320

Jonas's first time up to bat with a dude and he does awesome! It helps that Theon is a polished performer and guides him through his first time on the massage table.

What I have noticed about Jonas is that he seems to enjoy not only getting his cock sucked, but sucking it as well. For the porn he likes to watch to get in the mood, he sticks to girls sucking dick and getting a facial.  I think it is apparent during the cock sucking that he is truly turned on by watching someone slide their mouth down his cock, and he is equally happy to service someone.

Theon gives his fantastic ass some special attention, and don't worry, I have already planted the notion that he should try bottoming. Given that Theon could easily take his cock, Jonas doesn't seem as fearful that it is gonna hurt.

Theon rides Jonas on the table while laying on his back, and Jonas seems a little wobbly in that passive position. But once Theon hovers so that Jonas could get some thrusting action, I knew we had a guy who likes to be in the active/dom position. Wow! That long dick of his travels the distance!

Jonas clearly likes to have people take his cock in any hole, and once he was upright, he was slinging his sword in and out of Theon with ball-slapping action.  His cock truly looks like an upward tilted sword, and he thrusts like he is not taking any prisoners.

This is the first time I have seen Theon's cock not stay at a hundred percent while getting fucked. Theon really let Jonas have his way with him, mostly because the fast fucking was turning Jonas on so much.  Theon likes a slow grind, especially to make him nut.

After getting him on his back (and a note from me to try not go balls deep on poor Theon) his cock got to full-mast and was busting in no time.

Jonas tries to ramp up and shoot once on the hole, but it was his first time and basically unloads deep inside Theon.  So for those of you who like the full breeding action her ya go!

Jonas had fun, and pretty sure he will keep coming back for more!

10. CM1571 Brannon & Theon RAW
Release date: April 17, 2015. Running Time: 25.07 Mins

Video Number: 1571

Theon is back!

Theon took some time off for knee surgery, so he was super ready to dive back into having sex with dudes. He was never fussy about performing, but needed a break to get his knee worked on, and of course to get back into shape. Though from the sound of it, weeks after the surgery he was back in the gym, in a wheel chair!

Both Brannon and Theon seem to be better at bottoming, so I was a little concerned starting this shoot. I had them set to flip-flop, but Theon seemed to be doing just fine topping, so we ran with it.

They look amazing together, both tan and muscles ripplin'!

So it was nice to see his thick cock back in action, splitting Brannon in two! Brannon can handle a thick one, but on this day it took him some time to adjust to Theon's girth. Lots of 'Ouchie Faces' as he struggles to accommodate his cock! He finally got loosened-up but he was also having one of those days where he would get hard and just want to cum. That was yet another reason we kept him as a bottom. He was worried between takes he would just cum as soon as he got hard and started fucking Theon.

Unlike some of the other guys, once he blows his load, he is down for the count!

Which made it ridiculously easy for the Theon to fuck the cum out of him!

After seeing the major load he busted, I thought it would be hot to see Theon add his own load to it. Theon does his best to nut in a timely manner, but Brannon's load is just starting to dry out when he gets there. Theon adds his own huge load to on top all over Brannon cock and stomach!

I love seeing all that cum coating Brannon's hot body!

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