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ExtraBigDicks: Mario Costa and Devon Moss.wmv
Hung hotties Mario Costa and Devon Moss suck and fuck at Extra Big Dicks! is presenting 21 inches of wrist thick horse dick from 2 studs this week: Mario Costa and Devon Moss in an encounter of the colossal cocks. Devon is a country boy from North Carolina packing 10” and Mario is a brooding Cuban with 11″. Mario’s cock is straining against his briefs and when Devon finally pulls them down his thick uncut cock comes into view, it’s massive with his thick foreskin framing the end of his knob. Devon immediately engulfs it as he tries to suck on as much of it as he can into his full lips. Mario kneels as he strokes his massive meat while polishing Devon’s. Mario sits back and suits up before Devon sits on his cock. As Devon impales himself on Mario’s thick dark meat, his own cock is jutting out like a trampoline. Mario then switched things up and puts Devon on all four as he slides back in for more. Devon can only cry out as he gets his ass stretched and we imagine his prostate and lower intestines tickled. .As Mario gets close ! he hauls out his cock and they sit side by side jacking off their over sized dicks. They look like two soldiers polishing the barrels of their bayonets. Mario is first to nut sending his Cuban cream all over his smooth abs and Devon brings it home as he watches the Cuban fireworks and shoots his own batch all over himself.

Bumped in memory of our friend and colleague Kriss8 who sadly passed away 2 years ago today on 8th December 2016. RIP

Original Upload 29/01/2014 - ric58hard
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