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The Company We Keep (1983) Colt DVD
director Rip Colt

Brad Phillips
Cole Taylor
Glenn Steers
Joe Reeves
Matt Ramsey aka Peter North
Steve Collins

Unconnected loops held together by a porn studio theme.

1. Moving Van
Brad Phillips, Matt Ramsey
Production assistant Matt Ramsey picks up hitchhiker Brad Phillips. They stop by the road and take rides on each other's lips and butt cheeks.

2. Hot Splice
Glenn Steers, Cole Taylor
Film editor Glenn Steers is working on a film featuring Cole Taylor and another performer. Glenn is massaging his stirring crotch when Cole himself shows up for some real action.

3. Weekend Action
Steve Collins, Joe Reeves
Joe Reeves delivers a package to his boss's house. The boss, Steve Collins, gets his boy to receive dick in both slots.
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