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Alphamale - Trojan's Toolbox - Huge Rewards
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Overworked and oversexed, Trojan's Toolmen feel they deserve a day off from the grind to enjoy the seedier side of life. Soon bored of playing games; our hunky workmen discover a great timewaster closer to home. Soon stripping off their gear and getting down to work on each other, we see their ripped torsos, tattooed bodies and stiff, throbbing dicks plunge into hairy cracks and down hungry throats in one of the most dynamic movies to date!

1. Valentin Alsina, Giovanne Cruz
Ripped muscle masseur Valentin Alsino, wastes no time! Barely paying any attention to Driller's overworked muscles, he heads straights to Driller's bubble butt. Easing the hole wide with two fingers, Valentin spits and licks Driller's juice brown ring. Pulling Driller's cock out from beneath him, Valentin worships the massive tool, licking and sucking with hunger. Sitting on top of Driller (Gio Cruz), the guys rub cocks together, before Valentin hungry for cock, gently easing Driller's huge cock insde himself, and riding it until the muscle men finally end up covering themselves in showers of cum.

2. Ben Brown, Isaac Jones
Hairy muscle-cub Spanner (Ben Brown) is the highest rated worker at Toolbox HQ, and therefore it's no surprise that this power bottom gets a filling to remember as a reward! Just the man to service this hungry beefcake's hole is super top masseur Issac Jones. Issac starts rubbing and easing the tension from Spanner's broad back, but is distracted by the vision of Spanner's wriggling hairy hole. Fingering it while Spanner moans gently; Spanner removes Issac's trousers and sucks long and hard on his massive uncut cock. Both men take it in turns to eat each other's hairy holes and huge cocks, obviously enjoying every mouthful and appreciating every second. Before long Isaac fucks Spanner (Ben Brown), with long deep strokes. Finally, the guys cum to a climax, when Issac blows his load into Spanner's waiting wide open mouth. Heaps of cum are licked from Issac's huge tool, before Spanner delivers his hot load over Issac's muscled and tattooed chest.

3. Bruno Knight, Mark Summers
Starting work on Hammer's (Bruno Knight) huge muscled hairy legs Mark the Masseur starts to get a hard-on. Moving to rub Hammer's back, He pushes his wakening man meat against Hammer's shaved head. Feeling it against him, Hammer pulls out Mark's massive swelling uncut cock, from his work pants. Soon the guys are eating each others mouths, cocks and then hairy arses. Hammer spits in Mark's mouth, before turning him over and wanking his big cock. Playing with Mark's foreskin, Hammer shoves a lubed finger up his arse. Hammer slams his horny hot cock up against Marks puckered hole. Hammer lives up to his name, banging hard and strong with his tool deep inside Mark's greedy arse. The men finish off their hot sweaty session, by shooting tons of hot steamy white cum over each other. Hammer feeds Mark's cum into his mouth, then kissing deeply!

4. Harley Everett, Dolan Wolf
Harley Everett failed to impress his boss Trojan Rock with his measley 7% profit margin, so unlike the rest of the workers, he has to massage the masseur, hairy stud Dolan Wolfe! Wrench seems to be getting off on Dolan's totally hairy bubble butt, and soon these two rough Gods are soon into each other in a big way. Wrench slams his huge uncut cock into Dolan's waiting mouth before moving onto Dolan's arse to eat him out with gusto! Dolan shoots his cum all over his belly then deep-throats Harley to a mouth filling climax!
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