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Bum Rush (2012) Colt Olympus mp4
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director  Joe Budai

David Sweet (hu)
Franko Gold
Gabe Russel
Jason Visconti
Joe Justice
Michael Troy
Rogerio Matteo

In the world of boxing, a Bum Rush is an overwhelming assault against an opponent. A forceful display of power. A mighty surge. A penetrating charge. In the boxing ring, a Bum Rush will put your opponent on the defensive. Outside of the ring, Bum Rush takes on a whole new meaning. See what happens as the men of Olympus, men of athletic builds and uncut manhood, strip off their boxing shorts and give each other a Bum Rush of a very different kind.

1. Michael Troy, Gabe Russel

2. Jason Visconti, Joe Justice, Keda

3. Michael Troy, David Sweet (hu)

4. David Sweet (hu), Jason Visconti

5. Rogerio Matteo, Franko Gold
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