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Titan Media - Fallen Angel 4 Sea Men (DVD9, 2001)
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Looking for men? The insatiable, inventive, well hung studs you thought you could find only in your wildest fantasies? Well, here they are! Once again, TITAN Media brings to life your most secret obsessions in the fourth entry of its best-selling, award-winning, sex-soaked series, FALLEN ANGEL. Like all the others, this one explodes with unimaginable wall-to-wall hard-core action played out by a cast of unbridled human animals from all over the world -- the hottest men on this planet. It's a two-part, over five-hour blockbuster called SEA MEN: FALLEN ANGEL 4, and it's the hottest, hardest, horniest sexual marathon yet from the legendary San Francisco studio.

SEA MEN, as its title suggests, zeroes in on that mythic group of studs who have, since time immemorial swaggered through the wet dreams of gay men -- the grizzled, worldly, lust-driven sailors who have sailed the seven seas in search of sexual adventure, roamed the waterfronts of the world to find it, and often discovered their own deepest, darkest secrets in the all-male initiations that erupt aboard ship. If you're looking for tough talking, tattooed titans with haunting faces, chiseled bodies, relentless sexual energy, and humongous endowments, look no further.

A timeless tale that could take place in the past, the present, or the future, in Shanghai, Marseilles, or San Francisco, Sea Men is the saga of one wayfarer's quest for the sexual treasures hidden in a world he has visited only in his most feverish dreams. To play this role, director Cam has cast a phenomenal new screen presence, TITAN discovery and exclusive, Dred Scott. The darkly handsome Scott, with his grizzly stubble and haunted eyes, proudly proclaims his exotic, mixed-race heritage in a pair of tattoos etched above his perfect pecs: One reads "Black," the other "White."

He is first seen boarding his ship, a rusted, weather-beaten vessel now in port. In his pea coat and watch cap, he heads down into the bowels of the ship, where he discovers two of his fellow mariners, Gabriel Cortez and Stein Losnegaard, in the throes of expanding each other's sexual boundaries. Cortez (with his shaved head, elaborate tattoos, and Prince Albert) and Losnegaard (with his shaved head, trussed up genitals, and rubber gear) are perfectly matched. There, amidst the corroded pipes, peeling paint, and grimy oil drums of the engine room, the two run the gamut of a dominance/submission experience, including oral and anal action, watersports, bondage, verbal cruelty, and genital tease.

All of these visions electrify Scott, who has soon stripped to reveal his lean, lithe body and his rampant, freestanding erection that is, like the rest of him, larger than life. When he is discovered, he steps out of the shadows to join them and accepts Cortez' offer to use Losnegaard as his own. Not content with running a similar gamut of games with the willing slave, Scott soon turns the tables on Cortez and overwhelms him as well. Cortez proves to be remarkably versatile, submitting to Scott's relentless rutting before both release storms of spooge. But the night has only begun, and Scott sits back to light a cigar and watch the two shipmates perform a dazzling display of cane whipping and handballing. Before Scott leaves, Cortez tosses him a coin - a strange token that will prove to be the key to his future.

Back on shore, Scott heads for a harbor shop run by Rik Jammer, a goateed skinhead who is more than eager to service his vagabond friend. Their body-slamming set-to churns from tender kissing, through an endurance contest in which Scott teases Jammer's eraser tits, to a demanding a session in which Jammer proves himself to be a supremely confident, consummate bottom. Here, Scott delivers another prolific cum shot before leaving, only momentarily fulfilled, to head back to the ship.
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