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ParaShooter (2004) Kristen Bjorn DVD
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director Kristen Bjorn

Bruno Carrosa
Daniel Santos
David Bárthory
Edu Boxer
Henrik Tóth
Jason Kingsley
Jed Willcox
Luis Alonso
Max Veneziano
Norbert Somlay
Octavio Fuentes
Paulão Do Picão
Pietro Rosselli
Rafael Alencar
Ricky Martinez (euro)
Roberto Giorgio
Sergio del Castillo
Tadeu Novais
Victor Cowboy

Director extraordinaire Kristen Bjorn returns to familiar territory, the jungles of South America, to tell the tale of studs on both sides of the drug war. In Bjorn's vision, the mercenaries deployed to hunt down the drug lords and their minions are every bit as muscular, studly and horny as the drug lords (and the minions aren't so bad, either). Even for a talented director like Bjorn, this is a mammoth, beautifully realized production. "ParaShooter" easily makes my top-five list for the year, and it is one of Bjorn's best ever, hands down -- and considering his impressive body of work, that's saying something.

The scenes are intercut so that the action doesn't start and stop with one group or pair before moving to the next, making the format much more interesting. The editing is flawless, with smoothly executed transitions and multiple shots of the action, with not one inch of the performers' bodies left out of the final product, and the photography is lush, colorful and always perfectly lit.
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