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William Higgins - Wank Parties Plus From Prague 45
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Wank Parties Plus From Prague 45

Studio: William Higgins
Running Time: 01:10:59
Released: 2019
Series: The Boys of Prague: Wank Party
Director: William Higgins

Actors: Ignac Dlouhy, Jan Nurad, Libor Boucek, Martin Polnak, Oleg Hubert, Orri Aasen, Peto Mohac, Roman Baren


Christmas Wank Party, features Oleg Hubert, Jan Nurad, Roman Baren, and Libor Boucek. In this first part the guys are all enjoying a Christmas drink and kissing as they wish each other Merry Christmas. Instead of going out they decide to stay in and have some fun. Roman and Oleg are on the bed kissing as Libor kisses Jan. Oleg removes his sweater as Libor and Jan move onto the bed too. Roman’s chest is bared too and he kisses Oleg’s hot chest. Jan pushes up Libor’s sweater to kiss his chest too. Oleg’s pants are lowered to release his stiff cock. Libor’s pants are removed too so that Jan can suck on his cock. Roman sucks Oleg’s rock hard cock as Jan wanks and sucks Libor. Christmas Wank Party features Oleg Hubert, Jan Nurad, Libor Boucek, and Roman Baren. In this second part we join the action as Jan is eating Oleg’s ass and Libor is sucking on Roman’s cock. Then Roman changes places with Libor and sits his tight hole down on the waiting cock. Jan sits on Oleg’s throbbing cock too and he and Roman ride up on the hard dicks. This Wank Party features Ignac Dlouhy. In this first part we find them all asleep. Ignac awakes, and looks around and as he gropes himself he also opens Zoran’s jeans to release a stiff cock. He begins sucking on Zoran’s big, hard cock. Zoran, whose sleeping with his head on Peto’s belly, is awoken by the hot mouth working on his throbbing cock. Martin wakes too and sees what is happening which arouses him and he begins to kiss and rub Peto’s hot body. Zoran pushes down and removes his jeans and then takes hold of his cock as Ignac continues to suck on it. In this second part of Wank Party we rejoin them as Peto’s ass is being rimmed by Ignac as he sucks on cock, taking turns on both Martin’s and Zoran’s. Then as Peto is still on his knees Ignac straddles his back, so both asses are available. Zoran’s throbbing cock is slid into Peto’s waiting hole as Martin watches on while wanking himself.

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