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Loaded for Action (2002) Studio 2000 International DVD
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director Janos Kodaly

Andras Molnar
Chris Omar
Hector Jordan
Hubert Uriel
Istvan Gulyas
Jozsef Pal
Marcus Hahn
Tamas Gregor
Vito Silvano
Zoltan Kincses

When it comes to sex -- to the hot, the horny, the humpy, and the hungry -- there's not much Studio 2000 International doesn't know. Now, add to this equation an all-new cast, a new director Janos Kodaly, and brand-new locations in Hungary and you've got Loaded For Action, a video filled to the brim with edible, euro-enticements. Ten sexy men in (and out of) uniforms are what it's all about. In a challenge match, hot teams of horny Hungarian troopers are out to practice maneuvers, shooting one another with paint guns. If you think their weapons of combat are exciting wait until you see their weapons of lust cocked and ready to fire.
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