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Caesar's Heat (2006)

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It's an exercise in unchecked narcissism, this muscle worship solo performance by Caesar, but then it's hard to be humble when you're as buff and sexy as this guy. Actually, the premise is clever and well executed, with Caesar playing a guy who leaves home to cruise another guy, who just happens to be -- himself.
It takes one quick glimpse through a glass door for Caesar to go all "Brokeback" on his woman, getting out of the house so quickly that he practically leaves those little cartoon "whoosh" marks behind. She knows exactly what's going on and accepts it with an amused shake of her head ("Oh, that boy!" you can almost hear her think). The remainder focuses on a hairy, unshaven Caesar as voyeur, while a smooth and hairless Caesar puts on an exhibitionist performance for his alter ego, a story told in two segments.
In the first, Hairy Caesar watches from around the corner of a house while Smooth Caesar strips off next to a swimming pool. The sun beats down on his bulging muscles as he begins to feel himself up, leading of course to stroking an impressive erection that strains for the skies beneath the girdle of lower abs. Smooth Caesar's pool has that one accessory that all narcissists crave: a huge mirror at the end, the better to reflect his macho power as he performs. The sweat that adorns his bulging pecs, wide lats and massive arms is a great enhancement as Smooth Caesar works his cock.
Meanwhile, Hairy Caesar is enthralled with Smooth Caesar so much that he whips his cock out of his shorts and strokes it, mirroring Smooth Caesar's actions. The editing here, and throughout, is so smooth that even when the scenes switch back and forth, the focus is never lost and the intensity builds to a perfect crescendo.
Smooth Caesar even gets a little smoother, shaving down his balls and taint for a very tightly focused close-up. Then, plays with his hungry hole by pushing a fat buttplug into it, and there are some great shots of the toyplay, from both front and rear angles, before Caesar puts down the plug and starts working on his cock in earnest.
On the way to a big cum-shot, Hairy Caesar watches Smooth Caesar's masturbatory efforts with intense focus, all the more impressive when you realize that, of course, he's acting. Take that, Naomi Watts -- and your big ol' monkey too.
When he shoots, Smooth Caesar's cream drips onto the workout bench he's perched on, and the black leather of the bench shows off the pop-shot perfectly.
In the second half, the voyeurism changes settings, with Smooth Caesar going inside while Hairy Caesar watches his performance through a huge plate-glass window over a bathtub. Making very good use of a convenient Louis XIV ghost chair, Caesar plants his big round glutes on the see-through plastic and the camera shoots him from underneath, an angle that will no doubt make most muscle worshippers want to own that chair.
Like most muscle dudes, he seems almost bigger inside, and while Hairy Caesar sits on a chair outside and watches, Smooth Caesar works it for all he's worth, taking out a big dildo with a suction cup base and impaling himself on it. Caesar's mighty ass is not really even challenged by it, and he rides the rubber cock masterfully. But the best part of this self-fucking comes when Caesar attaches the dildo to the window and backs up on it, creating the sort of view that would probably cause heart failure for anyone who was ever lucky enough to see it in real time, because on video it made my heart skip several beats.
It's also enough to make Hairy Caesar blast out an enormous pop-shot, one that rocks his body and which sticks to his hands and cock as he squeezes it all out. Inside, with the dildo still attached to the window, Smooth Caesar sits on the edge of the bathtub and strokes out another big load, letting it fall between his thick quads onto the tub below.
Not many porn stars, and especially not many muscle studs, are worthy of being known by only one name, but Caesar has earned his fame.
Too bad there's only one of him.
DVD features: Chapters; additional footage (Caesar fluffs himself); outtakes (that roll with the credits); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
A DVD Review by Martin Cox
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