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Titan Men - Rigid
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You'll never forget when you first see it, popping out like a missile into your wide-eyed face: stiff as a board and straight as an arrow, rock hard and throbbing to the ceiling, bursting at the veins and twitching for attention. It's time to get Rigid with Aymeric Deville and his friends, whose intense excitement spreads from the screen.The big and beautiful banana-shaped cock of Ty Roderick gets fellow tattooed stud Aymeric Deville moaning in a memorable encounter. Lounging on the patio, tan and trim Stefano Dimarco gets distracted by bearded muscle bud Jeff Stronger—who knows how to take a big uncut piece nice and deep. Cute contractor Jed Athens is running behind schedule, but finds time to shove his stiff-as-steel shaft into client Justin Beal's holes.

1. Aymeric DeVille, Ty Roderick
Overlooking the green outdoors, tan muscle stud Aymeric Deville locks lips with trim and toned Ty Roderick. Stroking their cocks together, Aymeric soon drops down to feast on Ty’s beauty. He slides the huge banana-shaped cock over his mouth and sucks deep, Ty whipping it on his face when he catches his breath. Spit drips to the floor as Aymeric gets his face fucked, side shots capturing the full glory of Ty’s cock. The two kiss again before Ty sucks back, his own cock throbbing below. With his hot tan line inches away from Ty’s head, Aymeric fucks his bud’s face, also feeding him his thumb. Soon splayed against the window, Aymeric offers his jock ass for munching and fucking. Tight-bodied Ty plows him deep, soon moving to the mattress on the floor as a hot aerial shot captures the bottom’s rippling ass. The red-faced Aymeric moans, burying his face in his huge bicep as Ty picks up the pace. On his back, Aymeric’s pecs bounce and his chiseled abs tighten as he gets rammed, the two tattooed hunks soon squirting.

2. Stefano Dimarco, Jeff Stronger
Relaxing on the patio, dark-haired Stefano Dimarco is joined by muscle man Jeff Stronger. They speak the language of love—and soon have their hands all over each other as they kiss romantically, Stefano cradling Jeff’s head in his hand. Trim and tan Stefano stands up, Jeff quickly pulling down his lover’s jeans to reveal a massive boner filling out his tight briefs. Jeff buries the uncut sausage deep in his mouth, Stefano holding onto his head as he plows Jeff’s face. Stefano then works up the bulge in Jeff’s pants and sucks the light-skinned stud’s thick meat. He turns him around and slurps up his hole before sliding his big meat inside, fucking Jeff doggie style as the sound of flesh smacking on flesh gets louder. Jeff gets on his back, the table squeaking frantically as he gets plowed—ending with a big Stefano load landing on his balls.

3. Jed Athens, Justin Beal
Contractor Jed Athens is waiting on materials, and bearded client Justin Beal wants to collect. Jed plants a kiss before Justin licks down his smooth body, the trim cutie’s rock-hard cock bursting out onto Justin’s muscle chest. Jed’s hot pink head throbs on camera, Justin planting his lips to the base and rubbing Jed’s legs. Jed licks down Justin’s bod, a thick throbber waiting for him. Jed holds on to Justin’s sac as he sucks, reaching up to rub his chest above. Jed turns him around and feasts on his hole, spreading Justin’s cheeks wide and diving his tongue inside to lick, spit and bite his ass. The two kiss, cocks together, before Jed fucks Justin from behind, the bottom’s stiff cock bobbing. Jed reaches around and jacks the bottom as he fucks him, then turns him over. Close-up shots capture Jed’s tight balls, the top moving to a slow and sensual rhythm (“Like that?”) as Justin strokes. Jed moans as he squirts, his load dripping down Justin’s sac before the bottom lets loose of an unforgettable seven-stream gusher that coats his body.
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