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8Teenboy - Winter Break Part One: Packing Day
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Winter Break | Part One: Packing Day

Run Time: 129 minutes
Released: 2020-02-11
Studio: 8teenBoy
Director: Max Carter

Jamie Ray, Chase Williams, Trevor Harris, Julian Bell, Caleb Gray, Riley Finch, Taylor Coleman, Milo Harper, Sebastian Fox


Home and ready to let their freak flag fly, these horny high schoolers prepare to heat up the slopes for their senior ski trip! Hot high school drama abounds as beautiful boys are tempted by lust, cheating boyfriends bed hop, and friends become fuck buddies in this orgasmic adventure.

Scene 1. Winter Break vol. 1: Player Blues

Jamie Ray and his crew are seniors now; and, it’s finally hitting them all that they won’t get to have fun with all their friends on a daily basis before heading out into the big, bad world. So, they're all planning the perfect guy’s trip during winter break! There’s much to do before the vaca: planning, packing and of course, plowing your super hot hook-up! Jamie’s invited sexy soccer player/boy toy, Chase Williams over to score one more goal before the guy's getaway. Ray’s a bit worried he and Williams may be cooling off since the ball player declined his winter break invite; so, he’s determined to make this fuck unforgettable! The juicy cocked jock walks into Ray’s room, soccer ball in hand; but, when he sees Ray bare naked on the bed, he tosses his ball down and throws some dick down Jamie’s thirsty throat! Knowing this will be their last hurrah for a while, Williams gets wet and wild on Ray’s willie as well before Jamie jacks his legs up so the high school sports star can score a goal in his hot hole! Chase spreads the blond’s smooth buns and buries his tongue deep in that sweet center. It isn’t long before Ray is begging for a boning and Chase is more than happy to oblige. He slips behind the boy and slides that beautiful piece of bareback beef into that beautiful butt while Jamie jacks his giant directly at the camera. Williams is wailing away but stops when he realizes he may be digging too deep when blondie backs his hand up on his hip. The courteous cock slinger suggests the sexy senior sit on his super sized schlong so he can control the peen speed. This works wonders for both boys, nearly bringing Chase to the brink of busting before Ray brings up the sore subject of Chase coming on the ski trip. The conversation ads a lusty layer to the scene as Ray can’t keep his hands off his hottie’s hog and, sets up the salacious series we’re about to “unload” on you! Cocky and confident, Chase explains himself AND aggressively orders the boy back onto that bulging hard bone of his. Ray takes another raunchy, raw ride before Williams tells him he wants him on his back. And, what Williams wants, he gets! Jamie has his heels to Jesus in no time as Chase crams his can chuck full of cock. Ray pumps his piston in the porny position till his perfect piece pours pure pleasure. Then, Williams whips his weapon out and open fires every ounce of liquid fuck from his big, thick barrel. He closes the deal by telling his hot hook up to feel free to fuck whoever he likes on the boys trip. WOW! This is DEFIANTLY going to be a gloriously gooey guy's trip not to be missed; so, brace yourself for big things to cum from this sexy series set in a white hot, winter wonder land!

Scene 2. Winter Break vol. 2: Cheating Hearts

Relationships can get pretty complicated, especially when you’re young, hung and filled with raging hormones like Caleb Gray. Cock crazed Caleb seems to have gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. He lives with his best friend; but, is fucking his best friend's boyfriend, Riley Finch! Although conflicted, Caleb frequently finds himself knocking on Finch’s front door to get at the boy’s beautifully smooth back door! After talking Gray out of his guilt trip, Riley convinces the good hearted, huge hogged hottie to head upstairs and get down to business. After the tight bodied twinks tickle each other’s tonsils with their tripods, Gray gorges on Finch’s fine ass. The brunette beauty goes to town on the twink’s tight tush! He opens the boy’s butt like a best seller, spreading, licking, spitting and full on servicing the slut’s sphincter before slapping that bangin’ backseat with his big boner and then, plowing his perfect piece deep inside. He smashes ass hard as hell as the sweet sound of supple young cheeks getting slammed fills the air. In the middle of this delicious dirty dogging, Finch’s boyfriend calls; but, Caleb’s cock is way to good to stop this slam-fest to pick up! Instead, Riley offers Caleb a ride on his raw rod and, the close up of Gray’s gorgeous gluteus getting got is, absolutely mouth watering. He reminds Riley to go easy since he's used to topping and his tunnel IS pretty damn tight. So, Gray gets back to what he does best, beatin’ booty bareback! With Riley now on his back we’re treated to the sweet sight of his sizable schlong shooting seed all over his hot, hairless body! Gray pulls out and gushes a glorious amount of white hot goo all over his secret slam partner just as Riley’s boyfriend calls back. Perfect timing!

Scene 3. Winter Break vol. 3: Team Mates

With only a few days left before their big winter break getaway, Julian Bell and Trevor Harris grab some grub at Julian’s place after soccer practice. Both ballers are straight; BUT, Bell’s penchant for handling balls hasn’t subsided since practice so, he tests his teammate with some heavy flirting. At first, the feisty fella is shot down; however, Harris IS in high school and, at that age, if the wind blows hard he’ll be horny in no time. A few failed attempts, a light make out session and even a parental interruption can't keep these two from testing the waters further; and, they finally give into temptation. The hurdles only make the hotties’ hook up sweeter as they savor one another’s salty sweetness up in Bell’s bedroom. Julian thoroughly enjoys their long overdue lip lock and lets Harris know by making his way down south to continue the slobber session on his huge, horse cock. After a mega mouthful, he politely asks his “straight” buddy if he’s down to return the favor; and, much to his delight Trevor is down on his knees sucking dick in no time. Wanting to explore further, Bell turns his teammate around and buries his face is his buddy’s beautifully smooth backside. Trevor’s first time with a tongue in his tush is a dream; and, before he knows it, Bell’s slipping his bareback boner deep in his hungry hole. Harris takes every hard inch while looking back at his buddy in absolute pleasure before Bell suggests he take a seat on his schlong. Trevor hops atop the towheaded twink’s talented tool and slides his slender seat down while Bell bucks his hips back up at him. The first time fella fuckers trade kisses during the joy ride before Trevor tells Mr. Top Twink it’s his turn. Bell lays on his back and Lets Trevor take control. Harris slaps some spit on his schlong; then, he glides that girthy gift up his guy’s glorious gluteus. We find out Bell’s booty can take a beating ‘cause Trevor beats the brakes off the boy! With all that first time fuck force, Harris’ huge hog pushes Bell’s bone to do it’s best work! The boy busts as if juiced by jet fuel, catapulting cum clear over his shoulder, past his head and nearly out of frame with the rest splattering all over his tight torso! The unbelievable sight sends shockwaves through Harris’ high school-hard hammer and, he heaves a heavy load of boy lust onto Bell’s already cum covered body. When his big beast finally stops spitting, Harris collapses onto Julian for a juicy kiss before rolling onto his back. The spent soccer stars take the sexy session in two COMPLETELY different ways. Trevor tells Julian how awesome it was, while Bell simply checks it off his bucket list. Will their big winter break vaca with all their friends be a bust? Find out in the next installment of “Winter Break,” coming soon!

Scene 4. Winter Break vol. 4: Boyfriend Bang

It may be snow season for this gorgeous group of guys; but, this highly anticipated episode of “Winter Break” definitely brings the heat! Gorgeous, blue eyed, real life Ken doll Taylor Coleman wakes sleeping beauty boyfriend Riley Finch with kisses which gets the porny party started. The twink superstar is sporting some major morning wood and Taylor is hungry for breakfast in bed. Colman eats the boy’s bacon beautifully before shoving schlong down the dude’s throat and giving him a good morning face fucking. Hungry for dessert, Taylor tosses the twink’s legs in the air and eats ass like a starving slut before busting in the boy’s back door with his bareback bone. The fantasy fuckers have some serious chemistry and are just getting into their groove when Taylor’s best bud, Caleb Gray starts strumming his guitar so loudly in the guest room Coleman has to confront him for nearly waking his parents. There’s a bit of flirting going on between the besties and Riley thinks Caleb’s cute..... More on that in cumming episodes! After the sexy strummer settles down, the boyfriends get back to work bangin’. Riley’s hops atop Coleman’s cock for a rough, raw ride and that tight twink ass nearly makes Taylor bust; but, our top twink wants more tail and reals it in to give us more goods! He has Finch get up on his feet and bounces the boy’s butt up and down on that “D” with his hands cupping Riley’s smooth cheeks. The hard hammering brings the boy to the brink and he busts all over his boyfriend’s hot, hairless and heaving torso! The power bottom keeps on bouncing, determined to take Taylor to the edge. The sexy sight of Finch’s oversized twink cock bobbing up and down in his face is more than the young man can take! In sync with his man, Finch hops off and plants his pretty face right in the like of fire. Coleman must’ve been saving up this cock load for a week cause this load is WAY more than a mouthful! Finch catches countless blows on his tongue and, THEN wraps his sticky lips around the still hard hog to milk out more before planting a cum soaked kiss on Coleman!

Scene 5. Winter Break vol. 5: College Crush

High school hottie, Milo Harper is busy packing for the big senior ski trip when his neighbor AND, college crush, Sebastian Fox stops by. The naughty neighbors are always down to get dirty and today is no different. After a welcome home kiss, Sebastian saunters down Milo’s slim torso to suck on that huge high school hog. Shockingly, the schlong hungry slut manages to get quite the impressive throat full of Milo's big beast! Our college cutie isn’t timid about his desires and orders Milo onto his meaty member. Harper gives the guy a gorgeous hummer as his own bone points due north before offering Sebastian a seat on his face. He buries his mug in Fox’s smooth back seat while Sebastian finishes sucking Milo’s super sized staff. Wet and ready, Fox sits up and slides his sexy ass down on Milo’s meat. He does his damnedest to get every inch inside his tight tush but, Milo is absolutely MASSIVE! So, Fox gives his hole a little break and slides behind our hot, high school senior. Then, he slips his bareback bone balls deep into that amazing olive skinned ass. Harper is rock hard to entire hammering and, the dude’s dong is TRULY something to behold. He's anxious to put his titanic talent back to work and smashes Sebastian on his back so good, the boy’s toes curl! Sebastian’s tight tunnel is cocked up at full capacity; and, Harper hammers his hole till he has Fox's thick dick spitting seed all over his smooth torso. Our top twink puts the peen pedal to the metal, slamming ass like a super hero till his big rig is ready to rumble. He pulls out and pours buckets of hot, high school boy bust all over his college crush. The pretty pair collapse in a cum puddled kiss before Sebastian gives his butt buddy some advice about the upcoming ski trip. Stay tuned for the next episode to see if he’s right! Coming soon....
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