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Hawaii (2007) Colt mp4
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director John Rutherford

Adam Champ
Carlo Masi
Darin Hawk
Eric Valentin
Gage Weston
Luke Garrett
Mitch Branson

It is believed by ancient Hawaiians that being on the Island brings out a similar "volcanic" reaction in one's body - we here at COLT witnessed it ourselves while shooting in this wonderful location. These four scenes with COLT Men Luke Garrett, Gage Weston, Carlo Masi, Adam Champ, cover man Mitch Branson plus Darin Hawk and Eric Valentin are proof that HAWAI'I is in fact the most sexually eruptive locale in the world!

1. Mitch Branson, Gage Weston

2. Luke Garrett, Darin Hawk

3. Adam Champ, Eric Valentin, Gage Weston

4. Luke Garrett, Carlo Masi
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