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Cazzo - Cazzo Star Edition 2 Jens Hammer (DVD9, 2006)
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Nomen est Omen: This man has a hammer – and we know where to find it! Along with Thom Barron and Tim Vinzent, Jens Hammer has filmed the greatest number of films for CAZZO. The best and hottest scenes from his eight productions are now available on one DVD!
Jens is very proud of his cock. And it doesn't matter where he is; he loves to whip it out. And when he's fucking a nice piece of ass, you can see how much he's enjoying – it's written on his face. His youthful charm is magical, but as soon as he drops his pants he turns into a sex pig. Wouldn't you love to trade with the stable boys in STALLBURSCHEN – they end up getting pricked, both from the hay and the roll in the hay with Jens.
Or the hot scene where he, as a porn producer, seduces innocent young men onto his CASTING COUCH – first he just films them, and then he really puts them to the test.
Jens actually directed FRANKFURT STORIES, but he naturally couldn't resist the temptation of getting back in front of the camera for it! And we're glad he did.
Of course, Jens loves being on the giving end of a good fuck, but he knows how to take it too. In his very first Cazzo film, BERLIN ARMY DREAMS, things were quite a bit rougher, as he was the victim on duty. In SKINGANG he gets royally reamed by a skinhead in a public toilet, but revenge is sweet – holding a loaded pistol, Jens forces Steve Masters, the gang's leader to give up his ass that Jens then proceeds to fuck. Brute force can be helpful! But whichever side he's using (or is getting used), Jens is simply one of the best!


Alex (cazzo)
Bernd (cazzo)
Brian Cock
C.H. (cazzo)
Erik Finnegan
Igor Stahl
Jens Hammer
Jochen (cazzo)
Leeroy (Lellek)
Marc (cazzo)
Ralf Steel
Ramon (cazzo)
Steve Masters
Thom Barron
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