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All Worlds - Daddy Does It Best
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Abram Rodriguez is being sentence by Judge Tom. He pleads no contest and is sentenced. But before he goes to the big house, Officer Jack Sanders tells the judge about the arrest and goes on to defend Abram. We cut back to the to the cell the evening of the arrest, where little Abram is butt naked, with boner and getting smooched on by officer Jack. Officer Jack works his tongue down the smooth body and ends at the cock, where he proceeds to suck on it. He tickles the bad boy's balls as he chows down on the stiffy.

The good officer sticks his finger in the jailbird's love canal before he goes to lunch on the sweet hole. Young Abram takes out the officer's dick and mouth worships the big, thick man rod. Jack suggests some 69 and he mounts Abram's face as he slowly goes down on the boy's cock. Abram tells the officer he wants to get fucked, but the copper makes a deal and says that Abram has to do him first. He sits on the bad boy's boner and rides it. Abram lies on his side and the officer humps and pumps his ass full of cock. He continues fucking doggy style until Abram dumps his boy butter. Jack pops off the rubber and sits on Abram's face to shoot his love juice on the smooth chest.

Bret Wolfe is getting ripped a new asshole by the Judge. Bailiff Sam Dixon is told to do what ever he has to do to straighten out the punk's ass. Sam takes Bret to the holding cell, where he's handcuffed to a bench. Sam gives Bret his man rod and Bret dives right on the fatty, taking it all the way to the back of his throat. After some dick smoking, the men swap spit and Sam strips Bret naked. The bailiff takes off the handcuffs and strips himself.

Bret is thrown on top of the desk and the two make out as Sam works his lips down the punk's smooth body, ending up at his crotch. Sam works the ball sack, going between it and the pink asshole with his tongue. He inserts his finger to loosen up Bret. Bret commands to be fucked by the bailiff and Sammy obliges. He sticks his dick in Bret and pumps in and out of the punk's tight ass. Bret strokes his erection with every thrust in his ass. Sam turns around Bret and shoves it to him doggy style. Sam sits on the bench and has Bret mount and continue milking Sam's man crank. Sam strokes and shoots his man caviar as Bret pops his nut on Sam.

Army Colonel Dillon Press is getting yelled at regarding his recruit Brad Benton, who's on the stand. The judge asks the colonel if he would like to add anything before Brad's sentence. The colonel says that he'll be very hard on his recruit. So the judge leaves Brad to the colonel's best judgment. Back at the base, Brad is getting Dillon's cock shoved down his throat. The two men move to the couch where they French kiss. The colonel puts his hands down Brad's pants and takes out the recruit's boner. Dillon goes down on the hard rod before the two pull a sexy 69.

The two tongue fuck each other's holes. The colonel is first to get plugged up as the recruit slams it home, pounding the colonel's ass from behind. The colonel tells Brad that he wants to fuck him. Brad pumps his ass on Dillon's stiffy. They fuck on the couch first and then move over on top of the coffee table where Brad dumps his load with the colonel's cock still inside him. Dillon pulls out and shoots his creamy load on the recruit.

Back in the courthouse. Bobby Benson is getting it from the judge. Eric Evans is there as Bobby's track coach. The judge asks coach Evans to promise him that he'll get Bobby back on track. We see the coach and his athlete in the dorm room. The coach is sucking off his star and works the boy's cock and balls. The doorbell rings and the coach brings in his buddy, Steven Richards. The track star likes the idea of two daddies in one afternoon.

The two older men kiss and the college dude goes down on his new daddy as the coach suck on his pal's pert nipples. Steven tells Bobby that he's going to fuck his coach. Eric goes down on Steve's whopper as Steve smooches the college stud, soon followed by more nipple sucking. Steve eats out Bobby's bunghole as Eric tongues out Steve's asshole. Steve's thick dick plugs Bobby and the older man pumps his cock in and out, with the boy lying face down. Steve flips Bobby over for deeper penetration as Bobby strokes off his dick until he dumps a load. Steve plugs coach Eric's tight ass as Bobby watches. Steve and coach Eric then both shoot their big loads.

Cast: Bobby Benson, Brad Benton, Sam Dixon, Eric Evans, Dillon Press, Steven Richards, Abram Rodriguez, Jack Sanders, Bret Wolfe
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