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Active Duty - Alex Adams - MP4 1080p
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Once he gets comfortable Alex has a firm grip on his hard cock as he strokes it fast and rarely stops to take a break. He might have some wrist issues after this scene with all the constant beating off he has going on but what a sight to see as this young man grips his dick tightly building up his balls for a full release. He lays sprawled out on our comfy sofa legs spread showing his hairy hole while he slowly strokes his throbbing shaft up and down. His boyish looks and slight moans are a big turn on. He has a very sexy thick vein that is smack dab in the middle of his hard cock that any AD soldier would love to feel pulse in their mouths. You know the great release is coming when his hands are moving faster than light speed and his breath is picking up. You can see his face quiver and finally with one last stroke of his fat dick he lets loose his built up load all over his sexy smooth chest. Enjoy!

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