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Gay Times - February 2020 Issue 504
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Gay Times UK
February 2020 Issue 504

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February. An issue talking about love

Where’s the Devil Wears Prada ‘groundbreaking’ gif when you need it? Thing is, these pages are full of extraordinary people doing their bit to make the lives of queer people that little bit better. It’s fitting that Valentine’s Day – as soppy and consumerist as it is – falls within the same month that it’s LGBT History Month in the UK. It’s an opportunity for us queer Brits to reflect on the trailblazers and history-makers who fought for our right to love openly, live as our authentic selves and yes, be able to buy those same-sex Valentine’s Day cards so that we too can get swooped up into the capitalist-fuelled lovefest.


Following a particularly difficult time in his life when he was struggling with his mental health, Lauv turned to Troye Sivan for support. It was around the time that their collaboration, I’m So Tired.., was taking off on the charts. “With Troye, I know from the bottom of my heart that when I need him, he will be there for me, and that means a lot,” Lauv told us. The US singer-songwriter has built a massive fanbase – and a significant LGBTQ following – for his bared-soul approach to songwriting. He speaks candidly about mental health to break down stigma and create safe spaces for vital conversation between people who may be suffering. He’s a modern-day pop prince, singing directly about the ups and downs of life in a progressive and refreshing way. But central to the message of his music is self-acceptance and learning to love yourself so you can better love those around you.

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