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EuroHunk - Edgy Anal Play - Joey Baker and Mickey Rush (720p)
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First released by BadPuppy April 13, 2017, reissued by EuroHunk March 13, 2020

Mickey Rush ran into Joey Baker at the front door to their gym. Unfortunately the gym was closed so Mickey invites Joey over to his apartment for some activities that Mickey swears will make Joey sweat. Joey was the first one with his shirt off as the two lay on the bed passionately kissing. Mickey pushes him back against the bed and starts kissing Mickey’s chest and tweaking his nipples. Mickey loosens and pulls off Joey’s pants to find Joey’s cock is standing straight up just waiting for Mickey’s mouth. Mickey does not disappoint and gags a few times trying to swallow Joey’s extra-long cock. Joey pushes Mickey back onto the bed and begins working his way down Mickey’s body with his lips and tongue. After some hot sixty-nine action Mickey pulls his legs back and Joey can tell from the look in Mickey’s eye that he wants his cock buried deep in his ass. Joey accommodates and after slowly pushing the entire length of it inside Mickey he goes to pounding at Mickey’s tight, muscular butt. Joey continues the ass fucking until Mickey just cannot take it anymore. Joey pulls out just as Joey start squirting jizz all over his stomach and hand; with it dripping off onto the bed. Joey jumps up and literally explodes cum all over Mickey’s face.
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