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Alphamale - Trojan's Toolbox
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Cast:  Ben Brown, Giovanne Cruz, Bruno Knight, Carlo Cox, Samson Stone, Trojan Rock

No job too big, no job too small, Trojan Rock's crew of handymen, a mix of muscled, rugged and hairy hung guys, would not only help you in your dire straits but leave you with a smile on your face for sure in Trojan's Toolbox. Trojan, knowing that this business venture had more than a cash in hand bonus, handpicked each and everyone of his his muscled crew. Chosen for their masculine looks, hairy bodies, rock hard huge cocks, massive muscles and hairy bubble butts; this is a team of handymen like no other.

Spanner (Ben Brown) is at a loose end waiting for assistance to repair a roof unit. Stripping down, in the sunshine, to just his huge uncut hard on, this hairy muscle cub, starts entertaining himself while he thinks no one is watching. Suddenly muscle hunk Driller (Gio Cruz) appears smoking a cigarette. Eyeing Spanner's massive man hood, Driller passes him the cigarette as he decides to suck long and hard on Spanners cock instead. The men share the cigarette, blowing the smoke on Spanner's appreciative cock, and puckered ass hole. Cigarette finished, the guys get down to serious business, and we soon learn why Gio Cruz is known as Driller , as he drills Spanner from behind until both massive cocks explode in gushes.

Hammer (Bruno Knight) and Crowbar (Samson Stone), it appears have little work to do. The Boss, Trojan Rock, throws them some boxes to sort as he leaves the Handymen HQ, but as soon as he leaves, the guys have other things on their minds. These hairy rugged muscle fuckers soon start eating every hairy bit of each other's super muscled bodies they can. Licking every hairy inch of each other's sweaty bodies, from their massive pecs, to their beards and pits, these guys pant and sweat. Eating each other's hairy holes, with passion, this is one hairy fuck fest that will leave every hairy muscle worshipper gasping, as is the final scene where Bruno Knight fills Samson's waiting mouth with his incredible load of cum. Samson finishes Bruno off by licking every last drip from Bruno's cock slit as it continues to ooze from the man's massive cock.

Pliers (Carlo Cox) has a problem with his air cooling system. He has called Trojan's Handymen for support. Sitting in just a towel, it is clear that Carlo has trouble holding back his hard on in the sweltering heat. It seems Spanner (ben Brown) arrives just in time to help cool the situation, or not? As the room is roasting hot, Carlo invites Spanner to get more comfortable, and eyeing Carlo's huge swelling under his towel, Spanner (Ben Brown) says why not? As both of these muscled hairy guys start stroking their massive tools, and showing off in front of each other the temperature soars. It's not long before Carlo has his face buried deep in Spanners hairy bubble butt, his tongue probing and rimming deeply. Spanner can't get enough of Carlos fat man meat and jumps on top riding Carlo deep and hard.

Driller (Gio Cruz) and Crowbar (Samson Stone) find repairing electric cabling just a little mundane, when they could be connecting their own hot wires. In this Tit and Pit†fetish special, this super muscle hunk takes full advantage of every wired connection that hairy muscle man Crowbar has to switch on. Every orifice is licked, spat on and eaten out, including these mens fantastic hairy butt holes. Two hairier holes it is hard to find, and these guys lick out every last bit of arse with delight, before Driller (Gio Cruz), fingers Crowbars (Samson Stone) hairy hole, before filling him up and pounding him to a showering of a hot spunk climax.
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